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WordPress Basic To Advance By Technical Ground

Welcome to Technical Ground’s WordPress Basic To Advance Free Course. We have Courses For Beginners & Intermediate too. So you can Join For Free.

wordpress basic to advance by technical ground
WP Basic to Advance

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Introduction to WordPress Course:

In this WordPress free course from the platform of technical ground I’ll teach you how you can start with word press. I’ll teach you from scratch so if you even know nothing about Word press and how to start with this So, you can easily understand it. I’ll provide you videos that are in Urdu/Hindi. But if you don’t know Urdu/Hindi So don’t worry. I’ll write articles on Each topic we cover in the video. So you can easily Understand how to create websites Using Word-press.

Who Can Learn Word Press?

Anyone can learn WordPress. You will Learn how to work with WordPress and how you can create awesome websites using WP. In below section you can also read the Articles about WP. If you are a beginner then no need to worry, we are teaching from scratch. Our course is from basic to advance so Everyone who has some knowledge about WP & those especially who didn’t know about WP & How to use it can take this course. Video lectures are in Urdu/Hindi Language So if you are from an English Country or can’t understand Hindi/Urdu So you can read the Articles these are same as Videos & In English Language.

Paid or Free?

This course is absolutely free of cost.

Whats include in this WordPress Course?

Our Course or Articles are Divided into Two Parts One is Basic & Second is Advance.


In WP Basic we will teach you how to start with WordPress. In Basic You will learn the following Topics:

  • What is WordPress & its Uses
  • How to install & Setup WordPress?
  • WP Dashboard
  • Post & Pages
  • WP Themes
  • WP Plugins
  • WP Settings
  • WP tools & ETC.

Creation Of Websites (WP Advance)

  • Personal Blog/Site
  • Business Website
  • E-Commerce/Affiliate Website
  • Classified Websites
  • Job Board Sites
  • Online Learning Websites
  • Community Websites Like Social Sites
  • Travel Website
  • Forum Website
  • Courses Website


Advance is Further Divided into 2 Parts

  2. Creating Various Types Of Websites
Ways of Making Money
  • Earn Money from Freelancing
  • Earn Money from Selling Sites
  • Earn Money by Showing Ads
  • Earn Money by Affiliate
  • Earn Money by Sponsor Ads
  • Earn as WP Virtual Assistant
  • Earn Money from Course Selling Website