Why Use of WordPress CDN Best for WP Site In 2021

While WordPress is the world’s most widely used content management system and a favorite amongst most SEO professionals, it’s not without its faults.Lets See How WordPress CDN helps you in good ranking on Google & Your site Performance.

Many WordPress themes are overly bloated and come with both load speed and security issues.

To be clear, CDNs are neither a permanent fix nor a bandaid for load speed and security issues.

You should still do the work to fix as many technical SEO issues as possible.

Instead, CDNs can be used to enhance your website’s technology stack.

If you’ve put the work into improving your WordPress site’s performance and looking to take it to the next level, here are three reasons why wordpress CDNs are a great choice for you.


WordPress CDNs Provides Improved Security Features

By its nature, WordPress is prone to security flaws. But with the right modifications, it can be made secure.

Many CDN providers offer superb security features specifically for WordPress sites, such as:

Protecting Your Login Page: CDNs like Cloudflare offer advanced firewall rules that can be configured to protect your login page.
Blocking xmlrpc.php Attacks: In addition to login page attacks, xmlrpc.php attacks are one of the most common attacks on WordPress sites. You can set up similar firewall rules on most WordPress CDNs as the previous page to block traffic to that path.
DDoS Protection: Cloudflare is the most popular choice for DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) protection, but many modern CDNs offer excellent DDoS protection. DDoS attacks are rare for most SMB and mid-market WordPress sites, but having this protection can offer peace of mind.

Free SSL Certificates: Most modern CDNs now offer free SSL certificates, a must-have for any WordPress website.
Preconfigured Firewall Rulesets: Many WordPress CDNs with a focus on security offer WordPress-specific firewall rules. This is great for the non-security-savvy WordPress users who need peace of mind from outside threats.
Many CDNs offer security, but it’s important to find one that offers the right balance of WordPress automation without sacrificing customization.

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Improved Site Speed for WordPress

Improved site speed is one of the main reasons WordPress users choose a WordPress CDN.

Being able to cache and deliver your content closer to your website visitors is critical for anyone looking to improve their Core Web Vitals scores.

Additionally, almost all CDNs are now taking advantage of Brotli, a file compression technology developed by Google.


Downtime Reducer

Many content delivery networks offer website uptime support in case your main server goes down.

This works by serving the latest cached version of your WordPress site to visitors until your main web server comes back online.


How to Set Up a CDN for WordPress?

Before we get into the fun optimization steps, we need to ensure that you have your CDN properly set up for WordPress.

We can do this in a few quick steps:

  • Sign up for your CDN.
  • Once you’ve signed up for a CDN, they will provide you with either new nameservers or a CNAME that you will need to add to your current registrar. Most CDNs act as a DNS and will require you to use their nameservers; however, some allow you to use a CNAME.
  • Once your DNS is finished propagating to your new wordpress CDN, you can start getting your wordpress CDN set up.
  • If your CDN offers a WordPress plugin, I recommend checking the reviews on it and installing it if reviews look safe.
  • That’s it! Your WordPress CDN is all set up and you’re ready to start optimizing it for your WordPress site.

Optimizing WordPress with a CDN

Content delivery networks are a powerful tool for WordPress sites and should definitely be considered in your web tech stack.

When setting up a CDN for your WordPress site, make sure you:

  • Test site speed before and after to compare results.
  • Test your website’s functionality.
  • Monitor performance in your CDN platform to see what you’ve been missing.

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