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Top 10 TV Shows to Watch on HBO Max

HBO Max has gradually built up a stack of TV shows well worth your binge-watching hours. The home of Succession and The White Lotus, HBO Max brings you new shows and episodes each week.

Top 10 TV Shows to Watch on HBO Max
Check out the highlights below and then take a look at the best of HBO Max’s TV shows.

Julia (2022- ) Top 10 TV Shows to Watch on HBO Max

After the life of Julia Child, a television chef and cookbook writer, this charismatic drama generously serves humor and charm (and of course delicious food). Sarah Lancashire is endlessly seen as a renowned American chef, paving the way for future cooking shows with her long-running series The French Chef. All eight episodes of the season are now available on Streamer, and HBO Max has confirmed that it is preparing a second season.

The Staircase (2022)

A dramatic miniseries that became part of a 2004 documentary of the same name, HBO’s The Staircase is a charming version of a real-life story featuring characters and an all-star cast. Colin Firth plays Michael Peterson, a novelist and husband of Kathleen (Tony Colette), who was found dead in suspicious circumstances. You will want to see what happens next. Sophie Turner, Dan De Han, Parker Posey and others also showcased their talents.

The White Lotus (2021- )

What was initially a limited series was so good HBO renewed it for a second season. The satire about guests at a fancy resort gradually unveils the darker edges of its picture-perfect postcard. The White Lotus features an ensemble cast, including Jennifer Coolidge, Alexandra Daddario, Steve Zahn, Molly Shannon and more hilarious people, who make this series soar. If that wasn’t enough, a murder mystery with the big reveal waiting till the very end will keep you thoroughly entertained.

Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty (2022- )

Winning time is a sports drama, but sports are hardly the only focus. Set in the 80’s, the series adjusts its lens to the Los Angeles Lakers, describing the professional and personal lives of businessman Jerry Buss, superstar Magic Johnson and other members of the sports family of the time. Has been The first episode of the series (they all come close to an hour) takes us to the signing of the Lakers’ Johnson, and the show focuses on LA’s glamor and glamor. The old camera technique adds to the old feeling, and Johnson’s breakout star Quincy Asia gives the impression. Bottom line? You will want to check the winning time.

Euphoria (2019- )

The second installment of Euphoria is now on HBO Max. This visually stunning series has received its fair share of audiences, and it’s not hard to see why – catchy performances, cinematography and the search for adult themes shine through the show. If nothing else, stay tuned to see Dune star Zendaya, who plays the young Rue.

Veneno (2020)

Thankfully, HBO Max brings this admirable Spanish menu to screens around the world. Venino tells the life story of Spanish icon Cristina Ortiz Rodriguez, a transgender singer and 90s TV personality known in Spanish as “La Venino” or “Poison”. Her mysterious story unfolds under the lens of a curious student of journalism who clings to her identity. With a humorous, clear and heartbreaking twist, be sure to check out these biographical memoirs that explore survival and the influence of the media.

Mare of Easttown (2021)

Malltown detective Marie Sheehan investigates the murder of a young woman, but Sheehan’s own life is affected by personal struggles, including divorce and the death of her son.

Westworld (2016- )

In this HBO show, the humanoid robots representing life occupy a Wild West themed amusement park, where human visitors are able to interact with them in any way they choose (rap, murder – no abomination). Action is not off the table). This theme park “host” usually marks the violence with their arrogance. But for some guests, a new update disrupted the status quo. This proven sci-fi will make you think, and there are already three seasons left.

Raised by Wolves (2020- )

Raising Wolves will satisfy those who want to spend a lot of time (about 10 hours) in a world brought to the screen with the help of Ridley Scott. Two androids, mother and father, try to establish an atheist human colony on a new planet, destroying the earth after a war with a religious order. But they soon discover that controlling human beliefs is a difficult task. As well as directing the first two episodes and pulling the strings as an executive producer, Scott set out to provoke research into AI and religious beliefs. Amanda Cullen’s “mother” has blood, great performances and a strong lead.

Peacemaker (2022-)

Following the 2021 Suicide Squad incidents, this is from DC Spin of Peacemaker (John Cena), the main character dressed in our big costumes who has just been released from the hospital. The peacemaker believes he is a superhero, but “with this repetitive phrase about peacekeeping, it doesn’t matter that I kill people just to get it.” The letter, “This title doesn’t really suit him. This showpiece maker decides the next step – he’s not going back to prison, but instead is taking part in a black commission whose hands are (again) dirty.” The show often manages to entertain as well as inform.

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