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Top 10 Best Movies on Netflix You Should Watch

Are you looking for the best horror movies on Netflix so, Scroll down for the best horror movies currently on Netflix Note that some of them are incredibly black and should be approached with extreme caution.

Top 10 Best Movies on Netflix You Should Watch

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) Movies on Netflix

What’s more appropriate for the horror list than one of the best horror movies ever? The 1984 film A Nightmare on Elm Street marked the beginning of the franchise – and Johnny Depp’s career. Depp debuted in the supernatural slasher about a young girl who realizes that she must be vigilant to prevent a killer from killing her friends in her dreams. Created with sequels, a remake and more chilling genre pieces. See where it all started in this clever classic that still survives today.

The Platform (2019) Horror Movies on Netflix

Netflix’s impressive collection of international movies comes from the Spanish sci-fi horror The Platform. Its highly imaginative story revolves around a tower that feeds people on each of its many levels through a platform. The top scores are the best and most abundant spreads, which are eaten up as the platform level is lowered. In this dystopian thriller, the bell of social commentary rings, which turns into a shocking, sometimes terrifying downfall.

The Nightingale (2018) 10 Horror Movies on Netflix

A Warning: The Nightingale features highly graphic scenes of violence and rape. With that in mind, go ahead with this heartbreaking story and you’ll see an important piece of history that is rarely told on screen. The Nightingale follows a young woman seeking revenge in the Australian bush of 1825. Jennifer Kent’s second film, directed by the mighty The Babadok, is a force to be reckoned with.

Creep (2014) The Top 10 Best Movies on Netflix You Should Watch

If you’re looking for more evidence that the Doppler Brothers are actually bad, here’s an easy sale. Patrick Bryce (director and co-author) plays a videographer in response to a Craigslist ad for Joseph (Mark Dopplas), who wants to make a film for his unborn child. I usually enjoy horror movies that rely on performances to make you restless, because they are incredibly difficult to get rid of. And I have to give it to Mark Doppler. That’s really scary.

The Call (2020) 10 Horror Movies

In 2020, two films came out called The Call. Watch a South Korean movie, a time travel revolving around a thriller, yes, a phone call. Seo-yeon, 28, found a phone buried in a closet in his childhood home. Her bell rings – and the caller, it turns out, lived in the same house 20 years ago. The last-minute twist, as well as the chase of a wild cat and mouse that changes the past and the present, makes it necessary to look.

Under The Shadow (2016) Horror Movies on Netflix

Like a few other titles on this list, this wonderful psychological horror doubles as a metaphor for broader social themes, such as oppression. In Tehran in the 1980s, during a series of air strikes known as the War of the Cities, it follows a mother and daughter who are troubled by a mysterious evil in their home. Under the Shadow is an excellent horror entry, with the echo of The Babadok as well as its own fresh ideas.

1922 (2017) 10 Horror Movies on Netflix

This clever psychological horror is partly drawn from the experiences of co-author Jesus Mazi as a cam girl (or webcam model). Yet Cam is not a documentary, following in the footsteps of Alice Ackerman, a young Cam girl who one day discovered an exact replica of herself has taken over her show. Shining red with the threat of technology, this unique thriller is a great feature to hit the playoffs.

Vampires vs. the Bronx (2020) top Movies on Netflix

Vampire vs. The Bronx is a unique comedy horror in more ways than one. Based in the New York Borough of the Bronx, this young man follows Miguel Martینnez, a big-hearted kid who helps raise money for his struggling local body. But it’s not just new designer clothing stores that are threatening to move on: scary yellow-necked chompers are devouring people and their possessions. A commentary on softening with silly attention, twists and thrills, Vampire vs. The Bronx is a fresh, fun spin on this genre.

Calibre (2018)

Set in the remote Scottish Highlands, this thrilling film is far from a beautiful journey. Prepare for a full-blown nightmare from which its main characters are anxious to wake up. Van and Marx set out on a hunting trip for the boys over the weekend, but after a night of drinking, they find themselves facing events they could never have planned. Caliber sticks to its name, providing a clever package of scary, charming drama. Let the full power of this one surround you.

His House (2020)

A horror that kills near the house. Revealing his supernatural evils through a painful human story, his home follows Bol and Riyal, a refugee couple from Sudan, who are struggling to find a new life in an English town. Don’t expect the fear of jumping straight in – his house plays into past psychological spectacles, and adds more avenues of doom. A heartbreaking, powerful piece.

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