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The Top 10 Best Documentaries on Netflix

Netflix has an incredible library of Documentaries on Netflix, but it’s almost overwhelming. That’s why we decided to make this list: our selection for the best Netflix.

The Top 10 Best Documentaries on Netflix

The Best Documentaries on Netflix You Need to Watch

Our Father

As good as Netflix documentaries are, there has been a tendency to drag real crimes into these bloated multi-episode series. Thankfully our father is the opposite. This is a skinny, fully-fledged documentary focusing on Donald Klein, a fertility doctor in Indiana who used his sperm to inject ridiculous amounts of women against his will.

This is an incredible piece. One of those stories that only grows and grows to the point where your jaw is falling into disbelief.

The Staircase (2018)

The documentary style of real crime is quite full at this point, but the ladder is prominent.

Focusing on the deaths of Michael Peterson and his wife Kathleen, the ladder is more than just a murder mystery. It’s a drawn-out epic that spans decades literally, a documentary that follows Peterson and reviews his every move, but somehow still remains objective.

This is a good time to watch or re-watch it, as HBO Max has just launched a drama mini-series based on it.

Our Great National Parks

Barack Obama is building a line for David Attenborough’s job. And we don’t hate the idea!

Our Great National Parks is a world-class documentary featuring the great BBC shows like Planet Earth. They have nailed it here. This is totally unacceptable if you are a fan of this type of show.

Formula 1: Drive to Survive

Absolute gold standard for long-running sports documentaries. Drive to Survive is so good, and so popular that it sparked a whole new level of interest in Formula 1, especially in the United States. This show is great for raising the characters who capture the game. Please show more like this.

Icarus (2017)

This Oscar-winning documentary is a complete belter.

Icarus begins by highlighting the effects of performance-enhancing drugs on sports performance, but a series of events draws director Brian Fogel into a web of geopolitics and conspiracies. To make matters worse, Fogel has finally made a documentary that has had a real impact on our overall concept of sports. In this regard, Icarus is a word game changer.

The Keepers (2017)

I’ve seen a lot of real crime documentaries on Netflix, but nothing has come close to The Keepers. An amazing story, told from generation to generation, that respects the victims, but still compels them everywhere.

It’s a story about the unsolved murder of Catherine Cesenk, a nun who teaches at a Catholic school in Baltimore, but the Keepers go further than you might expect and expose the potential cover-up of sexual abuse are allegations.

13th (2016)

Ava Duvernay’s 13th is an amazing documentary that tells the story of American slavery and its lasting effects, many of which still resonate today.

In the context of the Black Lives Meter Movement, this is a must see.

Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story

It is almost impossible to say how popular Jimmy Seville was in Britain – especially in the 1980’s. He was beyond the household name, in many ways he felt like an eccentric uncle to the nation.

He revealed that he had literally sexually harassed hundreds of underage girls and boys and that it was all horrible. He was the man invited by the whole of Britain into their homes.

Jimmy Sewell: A British horror story works great through the archives, combines footage that is absolutely bizarre, and includes great interviews with some of the biggest players on British TV in Savile’s heyday. ۔ An interesting, disturbing documentary. Warning: This is a difficult time,

The Tinder Swindler (2022)

A documentary focusing on Simon Hewitt, aka “Thunder Swindler”, who used dating apps to seduce several women across Europe to fund a luxurious lifestyle.

Slightly different topic than most real crime documentaries on Netflix. Definitely worth it.

This Is a Robbery (2021)

It’s a robbery of Netflix as it turns out. A four-part series focusing on the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, this is primarily a documentary about an art robbery. Remember Evil Genius? (Which is also included in this list.) This Is a Robbery is very much in this style. The first episode takes a while to begin, but be patient – it pays off.

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