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عہد سیزن 2 قسط نمبر 32اردو

Lets. Are you leaving without signing your work, Yans? They should have come here by now. You are right sir. This is not surprising. Obviously the opposite. Lets. Deh! The wife of the Sultan of Ghazni, Mayudud, was Begum Shahur Sultan, Governor of Bast Province. I want you to sit in Bozan\’s office until he is acquitted. If he is really a traitor, he will pay the price. See if anyone has survived. They are bloodless. You go to Obama and report. Who killed these innocents, my lord? Is this the work of Byzantium, what is it? If this was the work of Byzantium, why would he kill his own soldiers? Yance!

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Who will put it under my pillow? What he eats is a lie. If you don\’t believe, taste more, poison is poison. Now is the time to take revenge on the Turks who brutally murdered your family, Maria. Is there a Decatur, Akca girl? Take it sir The tears you shed are more precious than the salt in the pot, my beautiful daughter. Don\’t worry I\’ve been feeling the familiar loneliness on your face for a long time.

You have none It is obviously from him. We both have no one but each other. What about my father Kekavmenos? He loves me very much Kekavmenos is not your father. He kidnapped you years ago. You were two years old or you were not. I was at an intersection. What about my parents, I don\’t know how they are with the tribe?

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