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The Oath Episode 24 Urdu Subtitles For Free | SOZ Season 2

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عہد سیزن 2 قسط نمبر 24اردو

Introduction: The Oath

Yavuz Karasu, a well-trained Turkish soldier, is in Istanbul with his fiance where a terrorist operation takes place. Dr. Bahar, who is not a surgeon, tries to save his fiance. After this incident, Yavuz goes back to Karabayir and Bahar follows him all the way to give him something that belongs to him. Another incident happens and he is chosen to be the commander of a team whose mission is to catch a terrorist and protect Karabiyir and their country Turkey. The whole team is solid, consistent, and willing to sacrifice their lives for the sake of their country.

The Oath Series Overview

Söz – The Oath television series, started in April 2017, is a very popular action&drama tv show and still enjoying high ratings since its first episode. The story of Söz – The Oath of an elite military unit and the challenges of fighting terrorism and enemies of the public from the perspective of a soldier whose fiance is killed in a terrorist attack.

The Oath Episode 24 Urdu Subitltes Storyline

A soldier, Yavuz Karasu (played by Tolga Sarıtaş) who is a lieutenant in the Special Forces Command, is brutally murdered by terrorists. After that, Yavuz, the Commander of the series, who is the hero of the series, decides to avenge all the terrorists. Then a special team is set up and this anti-terror team is set to work. The successful soldier in the team, the fiercely-killed fiancee is the first lieutenant in The oath Episode 24 Urdu Subtitles.

The Oath Episode 24 Urdu Subtitles Facebook

Battalion Commander Colonel Erdem Korkmaz (Nihat Altinkaya) In The Oath Episode 24 English Subtitles HD; It is responsible for making the most important decisions. He has a personality that will challenge everyone for the life of the soldiers. This disciplined, strict, and prescriptive personality is a very paternalistic personality and a special personality that deals with all soldiers’ grievances.

Squad Commander Deputy Lieutenant Zafer Yaman (Atakan Arslan) the oath Episode 24 Urdu Facebook historicseries, nicknamed ‘chattering’; Çalışkan is a sportsman who starts his training by waking up in the dawn every day. In his case, he is discreetly disciplined In The oath Episode 24 Urdu subtitles directplay

The Oath Episode 24 TG Series

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