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The 10 Best TV Shows to Watch on HBO Max

HBO Max has gradually built up a stack of TV shows well worth your binge-watching hours. The home of Succession and The White Lotus, HBO Max brings you new shows and episodes each week.

The 10 Best TV Shows to Watch on HBO Max
Check out the weekly highlights below and then take a look at the best of HBO Max’s TV shows.

I Hate Suzie (2020- ) TV Shows

I Hate Susie once again saw Billy Piper’s team with the secret diary of call girl writer Lucy Purble. The result is a fanatical Tour de Force of ideas, driven by Piper’s poor performance. She is playing the role of Tytler Susie, an actress who, moments after starring in a Disney movie, discovers that she is one of the victims of a celebrity phone hacking scandal. Each incident explores a stage of trauma, dealing with the question of how compromise frees up one’s life and perhaps frees one. Between the ruthless satire, there is a wonderful friendship between Susie and her manager Naomi (Laila Farzad).

The Other Two (2019- ) Best TV Shows

Sibling animosity is strong, and the comedy is set for comedy by a couple of Saturday Night Live writers. Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider tell the story of Carrie (Drew Torver) and Brooke (Helen Yorker), siblings in their late 20’s who struggled with the sudden rise in Internet popularity of their 13-year-old Justin Bieber channeling brother. have been. Molly Shannon is treated like her mother, Pat, who leads her children through the open door to success. Once you get to the basics, the other two’s pop culture satire and surprisingly heartfelt stories are a winning combination. Fans of Schitt’s Creek should take a look.

Ghosts (2019- ) 10 Best TV Shows

Behind the horrible histories come the ghosts from the gang’s minds, a set of works that manages to get better with each episode. Always trusted is Charlotte Richie (Fell Good, Call the Midwife) in the role of Allison, a woman who is inheriting an old mansion with the help of her amateur builder husband. Aside from the financial worries, their Reno projects are not supported by ghost residents who want a home of their own. If you are looking for a purely light look, Ghosts offers a high gig rate, a talented comedy duo and even a charming arc of friendship. Most of all, it’s happily crazy.

Frayed (2019- ) 10 Best TV Shows to watch on HBO Max

This black comedy takes us from London to Newcastle, Australia, following the misfortune of a woman who loses everything after her husband’s untimely death (don’t ask how she died). Broken and frustrated, Sammy was forced to return to his hometown with his son and daughter, where he soon learned that he was not a popular resident at all. The crunch factor is strong as Sammy London does her best to return, with some moments when she is reunited with her quarrelsome brother.

Home (2019-20) 10 Best TV Shows on HBO Max

This comic drama about Syrian asylum seekers leans heavily on the warm and comfortable side of equality. It follows the life of a British family as they return from a holiday in France and discover a passenger hiding behind their car. The hygiene of the fish out of Sami’s water is endless as he moves into his new home. Household mines that feel good are full of good people who are willing to help a good man, even if it is a struggle for some family members.

Pure (2019) The 10 Best TV Shows to Watch on HBO Max

Based on a memoir, Pure is not your average upcoming comedy about a young woman who moved to New London. Marni struggles with a form of OCD called Pure O, which often causes her to have disturbing sexual thoughts at the worst of times. (Her own mother is one of those thoughts – no wonder Marni leaves the house.) What purifies her is resolving stereotypes about OCD in a sympathetic way. Marni goes through stress like twenty other things: a new job, her sexuality and friendship. An enlightening, relevant and essential comedy.

Stath Lets Flats (2018- )

Stath Lets Flats is one of the best new British TV shows that trades in British comedy. Stath is a socially incompetent Greek Cypriot lying agent, whose father hires him to work for his company. Despite its inadequacies, Stath sticks to its new profession, showing potential customers a flat with a power outage or security alarm ringing because it doesn’t remember the code. Her efforts to impress her father ignited a crane appeal just like in the office, which in the thrilling moments made sure that you are connected to the characters. Even better, stay tuned for Season 2, which has won three BAFTAs.

Search Party (2016- )

Search Party caught the eye of HBO Max as it moved into production with Streamer in its third and fourth seasons. The latter is still the best of them all, taking the four, unaware millennial story to even greater heights, including a strangely brilliant Susan Sarandon Cameo. But we start when Dori becomes an amateur detective to find a missing woman she barely knew in college. Really, she’s looking for something else: herself. Her boyfriend Drew, the scene-stealing elite and the funny blonde Portia are just as proud. This odd ball show somehow creates the perfect cocktail of dark humor, mystery and crazy characters. A collector’s item that doesn’t come often.

Irma Vep (2022)

In this charming drama mini-series, Alicia Vikander (formerly Machini, 2018’s Tomb Rider) is playing the role of Meera, a young movie star who plays a role other than her usual blockbuster – the real-life Frenchman. Music of a criminal gang in the remake of the silent movie The Vampires. In the first episode of the HBO show, the film’s directors strive to keep production fast. Meanwhile, an ex-boyfriend toys with mine. The series is based on a 1996 cult film of the same name, and both were directed by Oliver Asias. Check out the new episodes when it premieres on Monday, for a show about exciting characters, great dialogues, and something to say about making movies today.

Station Eleven (2021- )

With Station Eleven, Post Apocalyptic TV fans are in attendance. The show’s non-linear storytelling will keep you on your toes, and well-thought-out characters add to the appeal. Because much of humanity is infected with the flu-like virus, a young girl named Kirsten and an adult named Jeevan took refuge from the curse. But from there, the show immediately begins 20 years into the future, which takes the story to a new dramatic turn and keeps us guessing the past. This is a really good TV show, and it will probably satisfy those who don’t usually choose aftermath stories.

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