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Teskilat Season 2 Trailer 2 Urdu & Arabic Subtitles For Free

TRT 1\’s first season, which has gained a considerable audience, is now breathless for Teskilat Season 2 . Fans of the series are wondering for Teskilat Season 2 Trailer & when and on what date Teskilat Season 2, which made its first season finale in May, will be broadcast. Here are the details…


The Agency is holding its breath for the second season. We brought together the latest situation regarding the new season of the highly-anticipated series…

Teskilat Season 2 Info

  • Series Name: Teskilat
  • Season No. : Season 2
  • Releasing Date: 26 September 2021
  • Language: Turkish
  • Published By: TRT

Teskilat Season 2 Trailer 2 Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Season 2 Trailer 2 Arabic Subtitles

In Teskilat Season 2 Trailer

Fadi tries to escape by taking advantage of the opportunity after the car he is in has an accident. Pinar\’s life is in danger after he got stuck in the vehicle during the conflict that broke out after the accident. After the terrorist he is after hijacks the plane, Serdar realizes that the big attack plan will come true by plane. When he detects that there is a bomb on the plane, he takes action to prevent the attack.

When the information that Fadi escaped and the plane in which Serdar was hijacked reaches the headquarters, the team is on the alert. In a race against time to defuse the bomb, Serdar is cornered when the attackers learn that there is an intelligence officer on the plane. While Ceren continues her activities as part of the attack plan, the team following her learns that another attack is planned. 

Teskilat Season 2 Release Date

In Teskilat Season 2 Trailer, The organization was among the series that were researched for the new season, about 3 months after the season finale. The actors of the series went to the set. Teskilat Season 2 is Releasing On 23-September-2021…..


The TV series called Teşkilat, which met with the audience on the TRT1 screen, was one of the most successful productions of the last season. The shooting of the series, which gathered millions of viewers on the screen, started in August. Gürkan Uygun from the Great Seljuk\’s Awakening and Hakan Boyav, who attracted attention with his performance in Maraşlı, joined the series.

Mete Akusta, who was hospitalized after suffering a brain hemorrhage but regained his health in a short time, started to read scripts in the hospital room, creating excitement. However, it was unclear whether the famous actor would continue the series in this process. Because it was not known whether Mesut Akusta, who had a big event, would be able to withstand the intense work tempo.

In Teskilat Season 2 Trailer, The famous actress finally made her decision. Mesut Akusta will not leave The Organization series. The actor received approval with the directive of the doctors. However, the actor, who will rest for a while, is expected to go back to the set next week and continue his role.




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