Why Tanning Salon Software Is Necessary For Business?

Tanning is caused by ultraviolet radiation rays from the sun. or the tanning beds that cause massive damage to your skin cells on the outmost layer of the skin. But the skin tries to prevent it by producing the pigments that give our skin its color. That results in the darkening of the skin what we called tan.


Tanning can be caused by many different reasons and it has many different types. Also, it has many dangerous side effects such as


Sunburn is also called erythema. It is one of the obvious signs of UV exposure and skin damage. It happens when UV radiations reach your skin and damage the cells in the epidermis.

Sun Tan

There is no such thing as a safe tan, it happens when the skin pigments increase. When the UV rays reach the skin and start to damage it. Skin cells try to prevent it by producing more pigments which cause suntan.

Premature aging/photoaging

When the skin cells are unable to protect the skin from UV rays your skin starts to take the form of leathery, wrinkled skin, and dark spots.

Skin cancer

Two main types of cancer happen because of it one is melanoma and the other is non-melanomas.

Actinic or solar keratoses

Actinic or solar keratoses are a concern because they can progress into cancer.

Eye damage such as photokeratitis and  cataracts

Sunburn of the cornea can be thought of as photokeratitis. It is caused by the UVC/UVB exposure of the eye.

Immune system suppression

UV radiation rays suppress the proper functioning of the immune system of the body. And also the natural defense of the skin.

A tanning salon offers artificial tanning and beautification of the skin. This treatment helps in reducing the darkening of the skin by artificial ultraviolet rays. Usually, tanning salons specialize in one type of tanning it is either UV-bed light tanning or the booth spray tan application. Tanning salons are often integrated with spas or other personal care salons.

Because tanning salons are integrated with other salons. So, we use the same software that we use for salons such as salon management software. We also can call it tanning salon software.

Why tanning salon software is needed and what are the features of tanning salon software?

If you are an owner of a salon business there are so many different things to handle that is very difficult. Because in a salon there are so many things to manage like billing, appointment, scheduling of appointments, managing the staff and inventory, etc. doing manually these things is having a lot of risks of mistakes.

That’s why developers introduced the tanning salon software, also referred to as salon management software. Developers feel the need for this software because of the growing salon business in the world. So the salons can work fast as possible and save much as possible.

If you are not owning the tanning salon software you should purchase it. Because it helps you to grow your business and easy to manage things. Also gives the satisfaction of its users because it is very easy to use. It reduces the manual administrative work, increases the profit, and decreases the work cost.

There are many features that this software contains such as

Run your tanning salon effectively:

Its automated feature helps you to reduce the workload on your employees so they can focus more on the customers. For managing inventory, staff, customers, appointments you need good tanning salon software. With the help of this software, you can monitor all these things in one place.

You also can keep an eye on the profit, sales, and other expenses.

Inventory management:

Managing inventory is not an easy job. Because there are so many different things to manage. With the help of this software, you can save their details on the database, and the one employer of your keep updating the database so you can keep track down on selling and purchasing.

You can create multiple departments in the database such as tanning equipment, supplies, and furniture to make it more simple and easy to handle.

Online appointment:

This is a time-saving feature for both customers and employees. Because in manual booking system customers have to visit the salon. That takes a lot of time for the customers to go to the salon first then wait for their turn and then make an appointment in the salon.

This software makes it easy for the customers to make an appointment with some clicks from any day, anywhere, and anytime. It also saves the time of the employees they do not have to make the appointment because customers can book their own. So in that time being they can focus more on other things. 

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Manage and update staff records:

Managing every staff member is not an easy job to do. This software helps you to track down the activities of the staff members, assign them to new appointments, and check and balance their presents and absents.

You can see through in their records so you can see their monthly reports of how many employees do their jobs with sincerity. So can give bonuses or can kick them for a better change.

Review and records:

Reviews are one of the most essential features you get in this software. This helps you to get the reviews of the customers so you can see if the customers are satisfied with the services at your tanning salon. So if you want to do changes in tanning salon you can act according to the reviews of the customers

If you want to run your business professionally then you should visit Wellyx. Wellyx gives you the best opportunities to grow your business. And it also gives you mental satisfaction. If you get satisfied then you can give the services to your customers at your best. That brings the satisfaction level of your work and also to the customers. This will reduce the boring and hectic paperwork from owners and employees as well.

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