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Suzuki Hustler 2022 – Price in Pakistan, Variants, Specs, and Features

In January 2014, Suzuki introduced the first Hustler model. This is a smaller version of the Kei car and an off-road vehicle developed by Suzuki in Japan. The shape of the car played an important role in increasing its popularity among the younger generation. Its value in Pakistan in 2022 is discussed in the article.

Suzuki Hustler 2022 – Price in Pakistan, Variants, Specs, and Features

Suzuki Hustler 2022

Suzuki Japan has managed to sell more than 86,000 units of the Hitler model nationwide. In particular, the Mazda Flair crossover is so popular in Japan that all of the company’s dealerships have sold out. He was awarded the Car of the Year award in 2015.

Which was presented by the Automotive Researchers’ and Journalists’ Conference of Japan RJC as part of its annual conference. Following the vehicle’s formal debut, Suzuki Japan was able to sell more than 86,000 units of the Hustler across the country by the end of the year.

Additionally, it is offered for sale as the Mazda Flair Crossover via Mazda dealerships located in Japan. The Automotive Researchers’ and Journalists’ Conference of Japan RJC deemed this vehicle to be the best of the best for 2015 and earned the title of Car of the Year. A small SUV is another name for a Hustler.


The car has a set of headlights with a circular shape with projector lenses located in the front fascia. These elements contribute to the overall aesthetics of the vehicle. There is not much chrome outside the Suzuki Hitler. All that is left is the Suzuki logo and the Hitler mark on the front grille frame.

Suzuki Hustler 2022 – Price in Pakistan, Variants, Specs, and Features

The front of the Suzuki Hustler, on the other hand, has an understated silver accent on a plastic plate that connects the front fog light and the front bumper. Other external features of the SUV include side mirrors, a white rooftop, black doff plastic body molding, side skirts, fenders, 15-inch alloy wheels, a vertical tail lamp, and high-mounted brake lights.


The Suzuki Hustler comes with a stunning-looking cabin inside. In other words, the inside of it has a very unique and eccentric appearance. You will feel that you are sitting in and driving a vintage-style automobile when you use this product.

Suzuki Hustler 2022 – Price in Pakistan, Variants, Specs, and Features

Because it was manufactured in Japan, this automobile is renowned for having an environment that is fashionable and elegant. It is distinct in the fashionable appearance of its inside. In addition, it has a square form, which can cause you to think of Mr. Bean’s old automobile.

This automobile has been able to age tastefully so far because of the development of a much-improved design. It is equipped with Halogen headlights, fog lights, and a tiny chrome grill.

You can see that it has circular tail lights and two exhausts if you look right there in the back bumper. You can observe this by catching up with its rear side. There are three separate glove compartments in the Suzuki Hustler.

  • The instrument panel is made out of materials of high quality and has an appealing aesthetic design.
  • Despite being composed of plastic, the dashboard has a smooth texture and does not rattle or squeak when touched.
  • Customers are left with a favorable image of the product due to its well-made construction.
  • The vehicle is equipped with a touch screen head unit and additional driving aids like satellite navigation, aux-in, USB, and SD card connectors.
  • There is also a temperature control provided in the automobile, which assists the driver in driving the vehicle appropriately according to the circumstances of the weather.
  • For smokers, there is no cigarette lighter in the vehicle.
  • This vehicle has several power outlets that run on 12V. Additionally, a speedometer can be seen on the instrument panel, and the tachometer is shown on the smaller MID screen.

The engine of Hustler Car

The Suzuki Hustler is powered by a modest three-cylinder, 660cc DOHC turbocharged engine that generates a decent 63 horsepower to 6,000 revolutions per minute (rpm). In terms of its power.

Suzuki Hustler 2022 – Price in Pakistan, Variants, Specs, and Features

The Hustler is not a performance vehicle; rather, it is a Kei car, which means that it was designed to provide you with impressive mileage when traveling in the city. It is equipped with a CVT gearbox and has an adequate radius of 4.6 meters.

Suzuki Hustler Competitors

There are various competitors of the Suzuki company, but the competitors of the Suzuki Hustler 2022 are as follows:

  1. Daihatsu Cast
  2. Honda N
  3. Daihatsu Taft
  4. Suzuki Jimny


The following table shows the specifications of the Suzuki Hustler 2022, and these features are unique in their sense.

Seating CapacityFour
Trunk capacity27 liters
Air conditionerAvailable
Anti-lock braking systemAvailable

Suzuki Hustler Variants

This car of 2022 comes in five variants. These five variants have all the features that a Suzuki Hustler car has. The variants available for Suzuki Hustler 2022 are as below:

  1. Suzuki Hustler A
  2. Hustler Suzuki G
  3. Suzuki Hustler G Turbo
  4. Suzuki Hustler X
  5. Hustler Suzuki X Turbo

Suzuki Hustler Price in Pakistan

Suzuki Hustler 2022 is being sold in Pakistan in a price range of Rs. 1,450,000 to Rs. 3,200,000. In this price range, there are five variants of this car: Suzuki Hustler A, Suzuki Hustler G, Suzuki Hustler G Turbo, Suzuki Hustler X, and Suzuki Hustler X Turbo. The prices of these variants individually are below:

Suzuki Hustler ARs. 1,450,000
Suzuki Hustler GRs. 1,620,000
Suzuki Hustler G TurboRs. 1,675,000
Suzuki Hustler XRs. 1,650,000
Suzuki Hustler X TurboRs. 2,100,000


All information on Suzuki Hustler Price in Pakistan 2022 Interior, Review can be found in the article that can be seen above. This page contains useful information for the company’s clients on the pricing, specifications, features, and inside and exterior design specifics of the Suzuki Hustler in Pakistan.

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