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SOZ Season 3 Episode 56 Urdu Subtitles

The Oath Episode 56 Urdu Subtitles

Finally, the wait is over SOZ Season 3 Episode 56 Urdu is here. You can watch and download the Latest Episode of SOZ Season 3 In Urdu Subtitles For free. All you need to do is just scroll down and watch the oath episode 56 with Urdu subtitles.

SOZ Season 3 Episode 56 Urdu Subtitles

SOZ Episode 56 Detailed Overview

Back at the auto repair shop, Turan wonders where Yavuz is. He starts to worry about her and gets a little suspicious when Adam calls and asks him about Yavuz. Then a few scenes later, Kopak comes looking for Yavuz and Turan tells him, “Yavuz isn’t around today”. The scene when Kopik tells Turan his story and background was quite emotional. Kopic’s flashbacks to when he was a child and the death of his parents are just heart-wrenching scenes.

Especially once the audience learns that the dragon is the one who killed Kopik’s parents and everyone else in the village. It was really sad. In SOZ Season 3 Episode 56 Urdu, Kopac grew up and studied in Turkey and then he became a soldier. He was a good soldier. Turan seems to like him and tells Kopik that maybe he will get another chance to serve his country and Kopik is thrilled to hear that.

What To Do

While Fethi, Ateş, and the others wait to hear from Colonel Erdom about what to do next. Mücahit gets a call from Melissa, who tells him that she had a fight with her roommate and needs a place to stay for the night.

He feels bad and tells her that he is not in Istanbul at the moment. He then thinks about Nazli and tells Melissa that Nazli who is like his sister can help him. Mokahat then called Nazli and asked her if she could meet Melissa and stay with her for the night.

In SOZ Season 3 Episode 56 Urdu, Nazli agrees and she gives him Melissa’s number. It was a good scene, in every episode, viewers see that Mücahit is starting to feel something for Melissa even if he himself doesn’t know what those feelings are. It was a great setup for the two girls to meet.

When the special forces escorted Ardal to the alleged meeting place, an ambush took place and shots were fired from both sides. Ateş tells them that they are the men of the Shooter Dragon. A man starts shooting at Ardal. Ardal gets scared and tells them about Kamil. Another person who works with the bad guys in the organization. We have seen Cemal in previous episodes as well.

Erdem & Fethi’s Plan

He is also a partner of Nissan. Camels and dragons don’t mix well. Erde; tells them the exact place where Kamil is staying. I loved this scene of SOZ Season 3 Episode 56 Urdu. Especially when the viewers found out that it was Erdem and Fethi’s plan. It was very cold when Erdom and Elim took off their masks and walked toward Fethi and the others. The look on Ardal’s face was priceless. Erdem and Fethi plan to carry out the operation by deceiving Ardal. He finally spoke, and then he realized they paid him.

The special forces were happy with their success. Then Daria interrogates Erdel, whoever accompanied them. Then they all get ready for the next stage of the operation which is ‘conversion’.

Meanwhile, back in Istanbul, Melissa and Nizli officially meet. Melissa was waiting for Nazli in a cafe. A very cute meeting between the two girls. They immediately hit him. Nazli becomes worried about Melissa when she realizes that she is being followed.

Soz Episode 56: Melissa

Melissa tells Nazli that it’s okay but Nazli interrupts. I was very impressed with Nazli in the scene when she goes to the car and confronts the two men. It was a great scene. Later, Nazli takes Melissa to her house. Melissa appreciates the gesture and Nazli introduces her mother Guler to Melissa. In SOZ Episode 56 Urdu, Nazli and Melissa got along well. Giller tells Melissa that she can stay the night at their house. I think these two will become good friends. I look forward to his future scenes.

Watch SOZ Season 3 Episode 56 Urdu Subtitles

Episode 56 PART 2

Part 3

The ‘exchange’ scene was quite interesting. Special forces along with Erdam and Elim take Erdal to meet the dragon and exchange Erdal with the Yaws. With Dragon and Nadia and supposedly Yavuz. Both boys had their heads covered. They were unveiled only after the exchange. However, the exchange did not go as expected by Erdem, Fethi and the Special Forces.

He is Not Yavuz

Obviously, the dragon didn’t bring Yavuz, he brought another man. But it was too late, as the two men walked to their sides. The dragon shoots the man (who is pretending to be Yavuz). Ardam and the others saw that it was not Yavuz but another boy, realizing that the dragon had betrayed them and that he had let them down. The dragon found Erdal and left. Ever since Erdal spoke, she has been afraid of dragons. He believes that the dragon will surely kill him if he finds out that he talked to the special forces.

Of course, the dragon kills Erdal for speaking. He felt that the special forces were following him. Dragon called Nissan and informed him. Erdem, Fethi, Eylem, and Special Forces were disappointed not to have Yavuz, however, they had to continue their operation. They followed Erdal and the dragon. Before that, they installed a transmitter on Ardal. It was their way of keeping track. They were hoping that it would lead them to the place where the yaws were held.

Yavuz Try To Escape

Meanwhile, Yavuz is trying to find a way to escape. Dragan tells his men that special forces are coming and they must relocate Yavuz and kill the Turks. Yavuz escapes while one of the dragon’s men goes inside the cell to take him elsewhere. Yavuz was like a beast, picking off the dragon men one by one. The scene was absolutely amazing and the ‘Lone Wolf/Yalnese Kurt’ music was playing in the background.

Yavuz escapes by throwing a glass at one of the Dragon’s men. He used his power and killed those people in his anger. It was truly an amazing sight. Also, the scene had great cinematography and fighting.
Choreography One of the greatest scenes of season 3. Kudos to the crew and Tolga for a great performance.

Death of Ardal

Using the signal from the transmitter, the boys find Ardal dead. Just in time, the boys manage to break in and find Yaoze surrounded by the corpses of the dragon men. They were shocked and wondered what had happened. They noticed that Yaoze did not look well, he looked a little sick. Erdem and Eylem took him back to Istanbul. He didn’t say much. The special forces continued their operation and went after Kamal. He had minor complications but he was successful. Another name left the blacklist.

The ending of the episode with yaws and that explosion was quite strange and breathtaking. The injection the dragon gave him began to have side effects. Yavuz starts having severe headaches, and his movements are not what they used to be. Finally, he begins to hallucinate. The graveyard scene was so intense that it was digging its own grave. Yaws is definitely not himself. He realizes that he is responsible for the deaths of his loved ones and that no one can heal his wounds (especially his emotional wounds).

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I Hate Myself

In SOZ Season 3 Episode 56 Urdu Directplay, While he was talking to Turan and Copac and said, “I hate myself”. It was a powerful and emotional scene. So close that when he raises his hand to pull the trigger, an explosion occurs.

Ending Of Episode

The explosion at the end of the episode left viewers wondering what the explosion actually was. Our reactions were just like those of the yaws, the cops, and the guys in the helicopter. For a second I thought it was a helicopter but it wasn’t. It was from a building. Big explosion! The explosion prevented Yaws from pulling the trigger. What is it?!

So That was the SOZ Season 3 Episode 56 Urdu Subtitles Complete Story…

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