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SOZ Season 3 Episode 55 Urdu Subtitles

Have you been waiting for SOZ Season 3 Episode 55 in Urdu Subtitles? Watch The New Episode of SOZ Season 3 In Urdu. In Pakistan, the trend of Turkish action & Historic Series is going up day by day. The Community of SOZ Series remains in wait for the new episode, So watch your episode down below.

SOZ Season 3 Episode 55 Urdu

SOZ Season 3 Episode 55 Overview

Meanwhile, Yavuz takes Kopik to an auto repair shop and introduces him to Turan and they have something for Kopik to eat. Kopak told Turan that it was he who had nicknamed Yavuz ‘Sari Komutan’ (Blonde Commander). That’s what he called him when he first met Yavuz during his service, and it became Yavuz’s nickname, which all viewers are familiar with.

SOZ Season 3 Episode 55 Full Story

Ateş is still angry with Nazlı. He tries to apologize and she tells him that she didn’t know he would react like that. He thought he would be happy. He tells her that he shouldn’t have done that. While Mücahit can’t stop thinking about Melissa. He wonders if he is still being followed. He calls her to check. Later that night they met. Their scene on the beach was great especially when they were eating and he gave food to a homeless man. This really impressed Mücahit. They match well with each other.

We have seen many times since season 1 where he gives food and supplies to poor people. He is a kind and true heart. It’s great to see that Melissa is like them. Melissa then saw this side of Makahet when she took some supplies to a poor family.

SOZ Season 3 Episode 55: Atish

Meanwhile, Atish goes on a secret mission to find out more about Erdal. He enlists the help of an informant and manages to get information from Erdal’s driver whose mother is ill. Ateş used his great strategy and intelligence skills to complete the mission. I loved that underwater scene with Etty against Ardale’s men. In SOZ Season 3 Episode 55 Makkitv, Such great cinematography. It was an interesting scene. Especially when Ateş pulled the man into the water.

While Ateş is on his secret mission. The boys and Ardam visit Yavuz to check on him and cheer him up. It was a great scene, it was great to see them bond again. In SOZ Season 3 Episode 55 Urdu, A word that describes this role that is ‘fraternity’. Sometimes I see them as brothers and not just friends. Because their bond and care for each other is very strong. This is one of the great qualities of this series, “Brotherhood”. I liked this scene. It was widely followed.

SOZ Episode 55: Dragon

Besides Nadia, Dragon cares for and loves her very much. The scene was a little suspenseful at first until we learned who is sick and who the dragon cares about the most. That person is actually the dragon’s brother. In a flashback, it is revealed that during the massacre that the dragon caused in his village, his brother survived and the dragon took him and they have been together ever since.

In SOZ Season 3 Episode 55 Directplay, He kills his parents and many other citizens but his brother survives the massacre and is being cared for by the dragon. This scene really shows the ‘human’ side of the dragon. He is evil and a mass murderer but he has this soft side towards his brother.

Meanwhile, Yavuz sets out on his new mission to intercept an explosives truck. The whole scene and the exclusive music of Yalniz Kurt really make it exciting. Great cinematography again and Tolga did a really good job in this scene. Unfortunately, he could not stop the explosives truck.

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SOZ Episode 55: Eylem & Fethi

The date of Eylem and Fethi was very beautiful. They are really great together. I loved this scene, especially their dance. It was very romantic and the background music was beautiful and then the music continues as the other characters appear to be in their element. Like Mukhait outside Melissa’s house, Yavez fighting these bad guys, Daria working on the case, newlywed couple Sue and Faizullah, Nazli calling Atish, and him ignoring her call.

In SOZ Season 3 Episode 55, Is because he is angry with her and the scene returns to the dance of Ilam and Fithi. . I loved that whole scene. We see that someone took a picture of Elam and Fathy while they were dancing. We’re not sure who it is, but it could be Siren’s ex-boyfriend.

The big operation, special forces went after Ardal. Yavuz sneaks there too. But he makes sure his friends don’t see him. They are after explosives and ammunition. They started attacking. In SOZ Season 3 Episode 55, Yavuz sees Nadia and some of Dragon’s men. He runs into the woods and they run after him.

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SOZ Episode 55 Ending

Towards the end of the episode, Yavuz is captured and then has a blackout. Yavuz wakes up in a large window-type cell. He sees the dragon and it disturbs him greatly. The dragon hits on Yavuz’s emotional side by showing him pictures of all his loved ones who have died. All are displayed on large screens, a slideshow of some sort. Yaoze was broken and physically exhausted. Unable to do anything. No one knows he is there.

What an end! Yavez gets really mad because he can’t get out and the pictures of his parents, Marwat, Bahar, Mustafa, and Fatima are playing in front of him.

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