Pros and Cons of Computer Games 2022

Benefits Of Online Games

Computer games have long been a part of life for most modern people. They are played by school children and adults who perform and spend every day playing, from a few minutes during breaks to many hours on days when there is no other activity. How popular are computer games? Is it worth starting to play if you just want to immerse yourself in a virtual world? How harmful is it to you personally (or vice versa, how useful is it)?


We will only go into a detailed analysis of this question from a medical point of view if we approach it very superficially. About the fact that long and uninterrupted recreation behind a monitor screen can damage vision, you know this yourself, but there is enough information online to illustrate the psychological component of this topic. In return, we will consider all the pros and cons of single and multiplayer computer games from the perspective of the most common players.

Cons of Computer Games:

Pretty Expensive Entertainment

Over the years, there has been a pretty popular saying, \”A good gaming PC costs a thousand dollars.\” In fact, even in the mid-2010s, after the soaring dollar, for 60-70 thousand dollars, it was still possible to put together a good computer that was able to pull new computer games, if not at full speed, in at least with medium graphics settings. The current example for it is TFUE, because TFUE’s streaming setup is so expensive that ordinary gamers can’t think to build like that,

Aggressive community of Online Games

A rather ambiguous minus as it depends on the player himself and the specific game being taken. Practice, however, has shown that online game gaming chat is simply full of various insults against other players. As is commonly believed, this is a sin, not only for players from CIS countries but for the entire gaming community in the world as a whole. More somewhere, less somewhere.

Lack of Physical Activity

This is perhaps one of the biggest drawbacks of gambling addiction, it is the real torment of our time. In addition to being forced to spend their working time on screens, they also sit in front of their home computers after leaving work and try to relax and enjoy their favorite computer games. A truly vicious circle has formed.

Of course, there are exceptions. For example, a series of Just Dance games where you have to show off all your dancing skills in front of a control screen. There is also a trend in the development of VR games, it is not enough to stand and wave. But all this is only an exception to the rule.

Benefits of Online Games:

Explore new Worlds

We think many of you would like to end up in your favorite book or movie. Some even wanted to see how people lived, for example in the Middle Ages or even before. Today\’s technology does not allow us to invent time machines or create an alternative universe where everything becomes as we personally want.

This is where computer games recreate the finest details with their realistic graphics and popular alternative worlds. Take the same Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – if it were not for this game, how could you play the role of the legendary monster hunter from Slavic mythology that we all know from childhood?

Alternatively, you can try your hand as a soldier in big battles on the big map and in the Battlefield and Call of Duty franchises with a lot of vehicles that affect completely different timelines. Or go on an adventure to medieval France in A Plague Tale: Innocence, whereas a young girl must travel through plagued areas and avoid the Inquisition to save her brother.

These and similar games, with engaging original worlds, stunning graphics, thought-provoking stories, and the ability to directly engage in what\’s going on – all suggest that computer games can be fun in terms of dating. and discover something good. You are brand new to yourself and you will in no way see it in the real world.

Spending time with Friends

The modern world is digitizing every day at an ever-faster pace and increasing the impact of the internet on our lives. It\’s no surprise that some of us today do not even have one, but have several friends we have probably never met in our lives. But at the same time, we communicate with them in exactly the same way as our friends in real life, except that we can have physical contact. Gone are the days when we could only contact friends from the rest of the planet via Skype or SMS.

There are many instant messengers and very practical applications for voice communication, such as Discord, where you pay absolutely nothing and the quality of communication is not worse than mobile networks. In addition, they notify you when a friend sends you messages so they do not have to wait long to find out and get back to you.

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Computer Games as Practice

It is no secret in the modern world that many types of simulators are actively used so that you can sit at home and hone some skills without facing unnecessary danger. 

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