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Prime Video: Top 10 Best Movies to Watch

Amazon Prime Video releases a bunch of movies at the beginning of each month if you’re looking for something new, but it doesn’t have a ton of new weekly releases Occasionally, though, a real or a jolt hits the vault and deserves to appear on your radar. Below, you’ll find a full list of the 10 Best Movies on Prime Videos.

Prime Video: Top 10 Best Movies to Watch
Best Movies on Amazon Prime Video

One Night in Miami (2020) 10 Best Movies

If you haven’t seen One Night in Miami yet, this is a sign to clear your schedule. The Oscar-nominated drama depicts a real-life encounter between Malcolm X, Sam Cook, Muhammad Ali and Jim Brown in 1964. Each of its four main actors shines, and when they are finally called for the movie’s title. At night, their imaginative conversation and discussion feels real. A lively and thought-provoking film reinforced by scenes between Leslie Odom Jr. and Kingsley Ben Adair.

Cold War (2018) Movies to Watch

Following a lover of different backgrounds and temperaments, Paul Pavlikowski’s historical drama was staged in Poland after World War II. Zola is a passionate young singer who identifies with farmers, while Victor is a jazz musician who is auditioning for state-run folk music. Politics is beautifully crafted and white visuals are precise and beautiful. A wonderful, passionate, almost serious love story for an 88 minute feast, look no further than the Cold War.

King Lear (2018) Top 10 Best Movies to Watch

King Lear, of course, is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s play, but two powerful forces help to make it stand out: Anthony Hopkins and Black Widow Sean Stellar Florence Pig. Not to mention Emma Thompson! This adaptation is set in an alternative universe during the 21st century, with London under strict military control. Lear is ready to divide his state into his three daughters, but they are not all accepting. If you’re okay with Shakespeare’s dialogues, just sit back and watch Hopkins and a stacked cast, including Emily Watson, Jim Broadbent and Andrew Scott.

Pass Over (2018) Prime Video: Top 10 Best Movies to Watch

Before we get into this Spike Lee movie, note that this is technically a recorded stage play. And yet somehow it captures the magic of cinema, thanks in large part to the captivating performances of John Michael Hill and Julian Parker. He is playing the role of two young men dreaming of the Promised Land from their designated place on the sidewalk. Educational, dynamic, funny and amazing, Passover will put you at your fingertips more than you think.

Manchester by the Sea (2016)

Get ready for Amazon’s first big, dignified movie that will blow you away. A broken man who has suffered terrible losses becomes the guardian of his teenage nephew. Lee Chandler’s story will punch you after an emotional punch, as will Michelle Williams’ favorite performance. Kenneth Lonergan, another feat of Manchester Bay DC, is a complete, unforgettable storyteller.

Paterson (2016)

In the style of trademark Jim Jarmosh, it minimizes the subtleties of everyday life with a distinct sense of less important indie humor. Over the course of a week, Peterson follows Peterson, a bus driver and poet, who listens to passengers, takes his dog for a walk, and stops at his local bar for a beer. Adam Driver alone enables him to see it all endlessly. Tied to strange characters living in a New Jersey town, Peterson wisely presents life, exploring personal shocks and new avenues built around them.

Time (2020)

Fox Rich, a mother, activist and businessman, is at the center of an Oscar-nominated documentary exploring the effects of imprisonment on a family. At the beginning of the film, we learn that Fox’s husband, Robert, and she and Fox spent 20 years in prison in 1997 for a desperate robbery. More than two decades. It is a visually stunning film with powerful messages about the American criminal justice system.

Lucy and Desi (2022)

Do you love lucy What about insightful, nostalgic documentaries? If so, you will need to take a look at the lives of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz in this test directed by Amy Poehler. Feeling good, Dr. Ball draws on home movies and audio provided by Lucy Arnaz, daughter of Arnaz, and charts everything that paired up with the 50’s set work I Love Lucy. Join the great race. Once you’ve wrapped up, a fantasy movie about the stars, “Being the Ricardos,” is also on Prime Video.

My Name Is Pauli Murray (2021)

The 90-minute documentary provides important context for the life of Paulie Murray, a gender-neutral lawyer, poet and civil rights activist who was far ahead of her time but has been overlooked by history. Murray advocated race and gender equality, and his views would later influence Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Thurgard Marshall. Directed by Betsy West and Julie Cohen (RGB, Julia), this complete and thought-provoking film showcases many of Murray’s accomplishments and impact.

Gleason (2016)

In 2011, three years after retiring from the NFL, former New Orleans Saints player Steve Gleason was diagnosed with a neurotic disease called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as Lou Gregg’s disease. This emotional film documents Gleason’s battle with ALS. Gleason’s story involves his beloved wife, Michelle, and his newborn son, Rivers. It’s an eye-opener to see how devastating ALS can be. If you have a prime video subscription, be sure to check out Gleason.

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