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Prime Video: The Top 10 Best TV Shows

Amazon Prime Video releases a bunch of movies at the beginning of each month if you’re looking for something new, Below you will find the Top 10 Best TV Shows on Prime Videos

Prime Video: The Top 10 Best TV Shows

The Pursuit of Love (2021) TV Shows on Prime Video

You will either fall in love with this romance based on the 1945 novel Nancy Mittford of the same name or you will make an unattractive eyebrow. The pursuit of love follows two cousins who represent different ways of life. Lily James is Linda Redlett, whose passionate romantic adventure sees her travel from London to Paris. Emily Beach, meanwhile, is Fannie Logan, who is in the throes of a married life. If you are in the mood, this short series of three episodes will take you to the story of joy and sorrow, laughter and pain.

Modern Love (2019-) Shows on Prime Video

Take your blanket and a cup of tea for this sweet, relaxing view. Modern Love is based on real-life personal articles about love from a New York Times column of the same name. The stories are critically brought to life on screen by a star cast, including Anne Hathaway, Dev Patel and in Season 2, Money Driver and Kit Harrington. Some stories will not be tied with a clean bow, and some will take you to unexpected places. The overall tone sounds good without the need for more secrecy, and it can boost your confidence in the magic of true love.

The Terror (2018-) The 10 Best TV Shows on Prime Video

This horror anthology series not only features Japanese folk tales and explorers exploring the unknown, but also features stars before Chernobyl Jared Harris in the first chapter. He plays the captain of Arctic Explorer ships that get stuck in the ice. At the top of the extreme conditions and cabin fever, an unknown presence in the fog strikes the crew. Afraid of the environment, terrifying, fear of dignity. Terrorism is available on Prime Video in Australia and AMC in the United States.

Bosch (2014-2021)

This seven-season police approach is inspired by Michael Conley’s novels, all set for an old-fashioned detective drama. We follow Los Angeles Police Detective Harry Bush, who is worried about his mother’s death. Catching the serial killers and keeping his family safe, he investigates her murder. Functional and absurd, Bosch similarly provides stable mystery with a strong edge. The big news is that a spin-off series is being aired on Amazon’s IMDb TV, featuring Titus Welliver as a Tytler spy.

Ripper Street (2012-2016)

The dark and charming series is set in the streets of White Chapel in the late 1800’s, the place where Jack the Rapper once terrorized. Detective Inspector Edmund Reid (Matthew McFadden) and police have to deal with the aftermath of the rapper’s murder, which has left the London area in a state of chaos. Excellent acting, strong character and most importantly strong dialogue make the episodic mystery more vague and profound. Five great seasons await you (each consisting of six to eight episodes).

Lorena (2019)

This comprehensive documentary deals with the story of Lorina Bobbitt, the woman who famously cut off her husband’s penis in 1993. It covers the incident and the two trials that followed, covering a wide range of interviews that shed light on decades-old events. It pays close attention to the abuse that Bobbot said she suffered at the hands of her husband, John Van Bobbt. Executive, produced by Jordan Peele, this well-researched series is worthy of your attention.

LuLaRich (2021)

In LulaRich, the director of Hulu’s Fyre Festival documentary explores the dark side of the multi-level marketing company LuLaRoe. The four-part documentary series features interviews with founders DN and Mark Stadium and paints a non-pink image of the women’s clothing giant, famous for its high-waisted and patterned leggings and tops. Is. In the document, the women who joined the company (investing part of the money in the process) tackled the stinky commercial goods, a toxic culture and the challenges of reaching financial goals. Settle on for an interesting and well-made documentary featuring the stories of former LuLaRoe retailers.

Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls (2022- )

You may be familiar with Lizzo’s successful films, such as Truth Hurts, winning his Grammy, or even his brilliant flute skills, but it turns out that he also hosts a reality show. Her charisma is fully reflected in the eight-episode show, in which 13 plus size women compete for a place as one of Lizo’s backup dancers. Lizzo raises the bar for these talented hopefuls and celebrates them when they knock out performances outside the park. A dynamic, infectious experience that is perfect for binge-watch.

Night Sky (2022-)

When Irene York in a wheelchair tells her husband, Franklin, that she wants to see the stars, he takes her out of the house and into the yard. The moon shines on them from the space of the trees, but Franklin does not stop walking. Prime Video’s new sci-fi series Night Sky opens with a sweet and healthy York couple, who can access another planet through a mysterious chamber on their property. The unfamiliar world – as well as the amazing path – will draw you in, and Sisi Spacek and JK. Siemens offers excellent lead performances.

Picnic at Hanging Rock (2018)

This TV version of Picnic at Hanging Rock is not a masterpiece like the film adaptation of the 1975 classic Australian novel. But it’s just as mysterious, covering a dreamy but terrifying disappearance in an isolated bush in Australia. When the three students and their rule disappear after a picnic in the Rock Area, hysteria spreads in the community and at the prestigious Apple Yard College, led by Natalie Dormer’s powerful headmistress. Dark secrets emerge, holding you to the end.

Prime Video: The 10 Best TV Shows to Watch


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