NCH ​​Software Debut Video Capture Review

NCH ​​software provides a lot. Video editing Tools for both Mac and Windows users. The first is one of them – one Screen recorder which lets you capture your screen, webcam, and audio all at once, for a very reasonable price if you upgrade from the free version.

In our last First review, we called it a “surprisingly capable free screen recorder,” packed with features, like scheduled recording, that you’d normally associate with premium paid software. It was then highly recommended. But how will the first video capture fare in 2022?

NCH ​​Software’s First Video Capture: Pricing

  • Free for personal use, subscription or lifetime license for commercial use

As you would expect, this is software that you need to pay for, but you may be surprised that if your needs are just for personal use, this is actually a free screen recorder.

Download the software from First video capture (opens in new tab) homepage and you’ll see this quote: “Get it for free. The free version of Debut video capture software is available for non-commercial use only. If you’re using Debut at home, you can get the free version here Can download. No signup required.”

Be warned: Every time you launch the screen recorder app you will receive constant reminders to confirm your non-commercial status.

There are several different editions of the software. However, we searched the NCH website, and were unable to find a comparison between the various options offered to you. For example, there’s a home edition — not even for commercial use — that claims to offer more tools than the free download. But the site doesn’t say what these are.

The Pro edition, which has even more tools to offer, gives you a commercial license, meaning you can profit from the screen captures you make.

Additionally, you have a subscription option. Billed quarterly, this plan includes all future upgrades. If you prefer to rent your software, this can offer real value.

NCH ​​Software’s first video capture: interface

Screenshot of NCH Software Debut Video Capture Free Screen Recorder

The interface feels quite primitive, but is packed with tools and features. (Image credit: NCH Software)
  • The sheer number of options can be a bit overwhelming for newcomers.

At first glance, Debut’s interface isn’t particularly stylish. It feels very dated, as if it came straight from the 90s, with big square buttons at the top that look like low-resolution icons. This is not the best introduction to free screen recording software.

Still, what it lacks in style, it makes up for in options. There are many of them.

You’ll find tools to capture the entire screen, limit it to a cropped portion of said screen, or just select an open window.

You can control your webcam, choose its resolution, decide to make it full screen, or as an overlay.

You have the ability to connect other devices and record from there, even over a network, and if you have multiple screens connected to your computer, you can choose which one to focus on. Is.

That’s all very impressive, especially for software that’s free (or, if your use case demands it, relatively cheap compared to competitors like Camtasia, EaseUS RecExpertsand Flashback Express).

Screenshot of NCH Software Debut Video Capture Free Screen Recorder

You can capture video from many sources, including the screen and webcam, but also any capture devices connected to your computer, or cameras on the network. (Image credit: NCH Software)

You will also get a handful. VFX. This includes adding text captions and watermarking footage. There’s also a green screen tool, and a handful of color filters (black and white, negative, and sepia).

However, be aware that these effects are applied during the recording process. So, this means you can’t convert them into a post, limiting their usefulness and versatility. Still, having tools is better than not having them.

Go to the Preferences tab, to see all the ways you can customize the software. These are easily divided by category, like Video, Audio, Hotkeys, Cursor etc. There’s even an option to schedule your screen captures, and even make it a regular event.

Screenshot of NCH Software Debut Video Capture Free Screen Recorder

A handful of effects are easy to apply, but must be done before recording begins. (Image credit: NCH Software)

We like the option to show mouse clicks because it can be very helpful in explaining how something works when creating a video.

But, we admit that the sheer number of options can feel intimidating, especially if you’re new to screen recording software.

The good news is, you only need to press the red record button to start a new video (by default it captures your entire screen). You can worry about fine tuning as you become more comfortable with the software.

NCH ​​Software’s first video capture: Recording

Screenshot of NCH Software Debut Video Capture Free Screen Recorder

Once captured, you can play back your footage through a small preview window. (Image credit: NCH Software)
  • Great on PC, audio issues on Mac

When it works, Debut Video Capture works great. We were able to capture video, record computer audio, place our webcam as an overlay – everything worked as expected.

Video streams are recorded separately, and it is recommended that you wear headphones, so that the audio from the computer does not flow into the audio from your microphone. But this is standard fare for screen recording programs.

You will be given the option to ‘Quick Select’. This is recommended when capturing gameplay, for example, to ensure you get the highest frame rate while recording. We found that this setting gave better results every time, so we kept it as the default for all future recordings.

Screenshot of NCH Software Debut Video Capture Free Screen Recorder

You’ll find plenty of audio options, but try as we might, we didn’t manage to capture audio directly from a computer on a Mac. (Image credit: NCH Software)

However, there’s one big caveat: it’s all fine and dandy on PC, but we ran into a huge problem when trying to do it on Mac.

It wasn’t visual – they were fine, as was the webcam. The problem we had was with the audio. Try as we might, we couldn’t get the software to record any audio coming from the Mac.

One solution we eventually settled on was to record it through a microphone, but this isn’t ideal, resulting in much lower quality audio (and demanding post-production). Audio editor). And we found that it made it impossible to record it apart from whatever it was trying to convey.

Of course your mileage may vary. Perhaps a magic button was hidden from view, as we didn’t have a similar problem when testing competing software. Unfortunately, our experience during the review suffered from this.

NCH ​​Software Debuts Video Capture: Editing

Screenshot of NCH Software Debut Video Capture Free Screen Recorder

Your editing options include trimming the beginning and end of your clip. (Image credit: NCH Software)
  • Make your video top and tail like a French bean… but that’s about it.

Other than being able to trim the beginning and end of a clip, you don’t have any editing options here. This debut puts video capture on par with even some of the best free screen recorders. But it’s a disappointing omission in a software full of hits.

Thankfully, since your recordings are saved separately, your clips are ready to be edited elsewhere. You even have multiple format options when it comes to exporting them.

On its own, Debut Video Capture isn’t meant to edit your recordings, but NCH Software isn’t shy about advertising it. Videopad Video editing software packages if you need one.

NCH ​​Software’s First Video Capture: Scorecard

Pricing Free for personal use, budget prices for commercial use. 4
Interface So packed with great features it can be overwhelming. 4
Recording Great on PC, audio issues on Mac 3
To modify Next to no video editing tools 1

Should I buy?

NCH ​​Software Debut Video Capture Free Screen Recorder Home Page

(Image credit: NCH Software)

Buy it if…

Don’t buy it if…


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