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Mobile Operators Increase Calls and Data Package Rates Again

Mobile Operators Increase Calls and Data Package Rates Again
All of the call and internet package costs have been raised again at cellular mobile operators, with the major reason being the increase in inflation.

The cost of many services and internet packages have been boosted at Pakistan Telecom Mobile Limited (Ufone), Jazz, and Telenor.

Jazz made its clients remember that the cost of running a corporation has tremendously increased across the whole nation as an outcome of the increasing stress of inflation.

These unpleasant external changes caused pricing revisions for specific offers and bundles.

With a warning for just one day and claiming the rise in inflation as its reason, Pakistan Telecom Mobile Limited (Ufone) has increased the cost of call and data packages.

The company informed its customers via email that “Dear Customer, There Will Be Some Amendments in Our Offers” would be made to maintain service quality while accounting for the constant rise in inflation.

The present Upower product price of Rs. 100 has been raised up to Rs. 120 according to the newly updated costs, and extra services being accessible for the customers include the addition of 1,000 SMS to the All In One (Option 1) Variant. The updated rates will begin to have an effect by June 28, 2022.

With none of the updated funding, the cost for the super card plus, which is now being sold for Rs649, has been raised to Rs699 and will begin to influence on June 29, 2022.  

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