Life Style Of Dwayne Jhonson ( The ROCK)


Lifestyle Of Dwayne Jhonson (The ROCK):

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Today, we’ll be looking at 10 of the most bank-busting  things that The Rock devotes most of his fortune to.  With a net worth of $320M, we’re all curious to know: how does  Dwayne Johnson, a.k.a The Rock enjoy his millions?  Welcome to : where high-quality content meets  high-quality people. Stick around to the end to learn the Rock’s heartwarming childhood  dream that contributed to him spending a fortune in his adult life.  Number 10 – Cars If Dwayne Johnson’s seemingly innate fixation with luxurious cars  wasn’t apparent when he starred in Fast & Furious, then you just  need to take one look at his car collection  to get all the proof you need. The Rock boasts a stunning car collection that, as of 2020, is  composed of the most expensive luxury vehicles that have been  customised to suit his specific needs. For starters, he’s got a Pagani Huayra, a low-riding sports car that,  despite the tight fit, has yielded him some stunning entrances at  popular events.  That, combined with a slew of other top-tier luxury cars such as the  Ferrari Laferrari Matte White, Rolls-Royce Wraith, the 1999  Plymouth Prowler, the 2017 Ford GT, and the Ford Mustang 2018,  it comes as no surprise that Dwayne’s car collection amounts to  several millions of dollars.

  That said, by his own admission, his favourite vehicle is the Ford  F-150 Pickup Custom Built, one which tends to make frequent  appearances on The Rock’s Instagram page. Number 9 – The Rock’s Mansion When The Rock is done flexing his muscles at his ultra-premium  exclusive gym, he retires to his lavish abodes that billions in this  world can only dream of.  Believe it or not, the Fast & Furious star owns a fabulous mansion  that cost $5M to build.  Needless to say, it is nothing short of majestic. Nestled in one of the most exclusive, gated communities of Miami,  Florida, the mansion is equipped with five luxurious bathrooms,  grand rooms that span as far as the eye can see, spacious pools  and private jacuzzis, to say the least.  But that’s not all: Johnson also happens to own another exquisite home in Atlanta, Georgia: that one cost him a resounding $9.5M  and is decked with eight grand bathrooms, nine stunning bedrooms, and a private pool.

With both houses loaded with marvellous fixtures and incredible  designs, there’s no doubt that The Rock is more than happy to  return home after a long day out.  Number 8 – The Rock’s Home Gym Being a mega-buff superstar that can only be described as  walking-muscle-machine, it comes as no  surprise that The Rock’s  busy schedule forced him to commit to bringing the gym right to his very home. That said, it comes as no surprise that The Rock went all out to  create his own personal training platform.  The equipment alone is valued at an impressive $300,000, featuring  state-of-the-art weights and barbells, the newest and latest muscle- training machines, and, of course, a stunning interior complete suite  when he’s done pumping up those muscles.  That $300,000 doesn’t include the cost it took to build the gym nor  its size, spanning a cool 4000 acres.  While it’s undisclosed the exact value of the entire gym, it is without  a doubt a haven for bodybuilding that any gym fanatic would die to  train in, so much so that even The Rock himself has called it “The  Iron Paradise”. Number 7 – Private Jet If you thought The Rock’s car collection was over-the-top,  you’d be stunned to learn that he’s also  got other means to travel around  cities and even countries – his private jet.  And not just any private jet – a Gulfstream G650. To put things into  perspective, this private aircraft isn’t only one of the most luxurious private jets known to man; it also happens to be one of the  most expensive ones, racking in a $65M cost for the lucky buyer. However, in terms of mechanics, there are few that match its power  and capabilities.  What’s more, it also happens to have the longest and largest cabin  of its kind, not to mention a host of amenities to make your flight  more than comfortable, including large flat-screen televisions,  spacious seating with gorgeous fixtures, and loads more.

  It goes without saying that the Gulfstream G650 made quite an  impressive dent in The Rock’s fortunes, but not enough to keep him  from spending. Number 6 – Clothes Although Dwayne Johnson doesn’t shy away from the average tank  top and flip-flop look, he’s also a man that loves to show off his killer  sense of style when it comes to dressing.  There are few male celebrities who can match The Rock when he’s  wearing a suit – and that’s a fact. However, that comes as no surprise – Dwayne Johnson is famous  for having all of his suits custom-made, tailored to  give him that  sleek, elegant, yet clean look that he’s known for. And, looking at the extensive catalogue of suits that he’s shown at  so many events, there’s no doubt that he got the best designers to  produce them – and those designers cost a fortune per piece.  Of course, with a net worth exceeding $300M, that  shouldn’t be too  much for The Rock to handle. Number 5 – Tattoos Whenever The Rock isn’t adorned in one of his trademark suits,  one of the first things that anyone’s bound to notice once you’ve  adjusted to his massive frame is the tattoos that he has over his  body – and what amazing tattoos they are.  Inspired after his Samoan-Afro-Canadian roots,  Dwayne Johnson’s  elaborate tattoos are a reflection of his heritage, neatly designed and finished, leaving a truly remarkable and impressionable look on any viewer. The more elaborate the tattoo, the more money you’re expected to  pay.

 In The Rock’s case, the most recent tattoo he got was done by  none other than the renowned artist Nikko Hurtado, one whose  work is so noteworthy that he charges in excess of $200 an hour. The Rock doesn’t mind, though – as long as he does a splendid job,  that’s all that matters. When you add up to details on all of his tattoos, it wouldn’t be a  surprise if The Rock spent some several hundreds of thousands of  dollars on all of his tattoos combined … Like what you see so far?  Hit the like button, do it now.  It really helps the channel and don’t forget to subscribe  and hit the notification  bell to receive more enriching video content. Number 4 – Family Despite the tough exterior, most will recognise Dwayne Johnson as  a family man who often features his three daughters on his social  media pages.  Along with his current wife, The Rock is known to go on some lavish  vacations, splurging copious amounts of money on  luxurious hotels  and the packages that come with them.  Apart from owning his private yacht,

The Rock is no stranger to  flying his private jet all across the world in search of epic spots  to go fishing. Recently, he visited Hawaii where he stayed at one of the island’s  most expensive hotels and participated in a series of paid  packages, including hikes, nature trails, and waterfall expeditions. While those trips must cost him a fortune in hotel reservations and  jet fuel, based on how busy The Rock’s schedule is,  he deserves a bit of relaxation every now and again. Number 3 – Investments The key to The Rock’s seemingly infinite supply of income doesn’t  stem from the profits he earns from all of his films and wrestling  endeavours (although those are impressive, to say the least),  rather, the money he invests in other projects that, in turn, yield him  even more money.

 To say that The Rock is an investor is an understatement – he is  one of the most successful investors there is.  Although he’s garnered a lot of his wealth from other industries, The  Rock has had quite a bit of success within the real estate industry  where he builds houses and flips them at a profitable rate.  From real estate investments alone, Dwayne Johnson has sold at  least 10 million-dollar mansions and pocketed the profits. Number 2 – Philanthropy Like most celebrities who understand the privilege  that they have  been afforded thanks to their fame and wealth, Dwayne Johnson  believes in giving back, so much so that in 2006, he founded the  Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation, a charity that seeks to help  children who suffer from disabilities and low self-esteem feel more  empowered in their lives. In addition to the donations he receives from well-wishers and other  organizations, he has also pumped in his own money to see that his  charity can help challenged youth get a better life. Congratulations – you’re about to discover the number one thing  that The Rock spends his money on – and it also happens to have a  unique story behind it… Number 1 – Rolex As surprising as it may seem that Rolexes are one of the main  things that Dwayne Johnson spends his money on, when you learn the background, you can’t help but feel moved by it.  When The Rock was a child, he was fascinated by Rolexes.  Unfortunately, his parents couldn’t afford to purchase one for him.  Therefore, he grew up fantasising about getting a Rolex so that he  could fulfil his childhood dream.  For years, well into adulthood, he wore a fake Rolex on his arm as  a reminder to him that one day, he would own the real thing.  Well, that day came – Dwayne Johnson had finally  amassed enough  money to spend some several thousand dollars on his first  authentic Rolex.  Now that he’s well established, he’s got a whole collection of them,  easily worth some several hundred thousand dollars.  While it may seem like a costly investment to some, taking into  account that at last, his childhood dream has become a reality, it  can only be looked at as a truly heartwarming moment.


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