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Lahore Railway Station – History, Train Schedules, and Much More! 

Lahore Railway Station With countless monuments, castles, palaces, and other historical places, Pakistan has a rich cultural legacy. Pakistan has maintained a link to its cultural heritage over the years thanks to the preservation and upkeep of these customs.

Lahore Railway Station – History, Train Schedules and Much More! 

The Lahore Railway Station, which was built by the British, is an excellent example of this principle.Lahore Railway Station, also known as Lahore Junction, is one of Pakistan’s oldest and most important railway junctions.

Dozens of passenger trains and cargo carriages used the Lahore junction station to accommodate large swings in railway traffic. It also holds the status of Pakistan’s largest railroad station in terms of total land area.

In the parts that follow, we’ll go deeper into the history of Lahore Junction and look at how it came to be one of Pakistan’s busiest railway intersections.

Let’s get this process started!

Lahore Railway Station History

Lahore Railway Station – History, Train Schedules, and Much More! 

The Lahore Railway Station has a long and illustrious history.

During the time of the British colonial administration, work on the Lahore railway station got underway. They built it just outside of a Walled City at the intersection of the Empress Road, Allama Iqbal Road, and Circular Road that are in use today.

Mian Mohammad Sultan Chughtai, who had previously served as an officer in the Mughal Empire, built between the years 1859 and 1860 Lahore Railway Junction.

Lahore Junction has been in use for a significant amount of time as both the administrative centre of Pakistan Railways and the northern terminal of the Scinde, Punjab & Delhi Railway.

All of this occurred before the nation’s independence. The Lahore Junction railway station is considered being one of the oldest in all of Pakistan.

Lahore’s train station is housed in a building that has a structure resembling that of the middle ages. It features vast walls with a very distinctive architectural design.

At the time of the station’s construction, they took any future uprisings into consideration throughout the planning process.

The enormous railroad network that was established during the time of the British is unquestionably responsible for the existence of the station.

Pakistan Railways handle the maintenance and management of the Lahore railway station at the present time.

Lahore Railway Station Location

Lahore’s main train station may be found right in the middle of the city’s fortified old city. It is the largest railway station in the country, besides its role as a thoroughfare station on Main Line 1 (ML1).

Facilities available at Lahore Railway Station

At the Lahore Railway Station, some of the most essential amenities include ticketing services, waiting areas, restrooms, and food outlets, including international fast-food brands like McDonald’s and Pizza Hut.

These amenities made travel more convenient for customers.

At the largest train station in Pakistan, which is also the country’s busiest, you may find some retail establishments on platforms 1 and 2.

Aside from that, the station allows for both same-day and reservations for passenger trains, besides providing cargo facilities for both freight and packages.

The train station is equipped with overhead bridges that connect one platform to the next.The travelers arriving at the train station in Lahore won’t have any trouble hailing a taxi when they need to get somewhere.

Within easy walking distance of the train station are designated taxi and rickshaw stands.

You will also have easy access to public transportation services because of the Lahore train station’s proximity to the main road. The services you can use will depend on their availability and their operating hours.

Lahore Railway Station Contact Number

Use the following Lahore Railway Station contact information for tickets, reservations, and other types of questions about luggage, refunds, and freight management. If you go to the Lahore train station at the address provided, you will find specialised offices where you can inquire in person.

Address: Badami Bagh Station Road, Swami Nagar, Lahore

Lahore Railway Station Contact Details: (021) 36674351

Famous Places Near Lahore Railway Station

Lahore Railway Station – History, Train Schedules, and Much More! 

Lahore Railway Station is in proximity to several popular tourist destinations, including Gaddafi Stadium, Shalimar Gardens, Badshahi Masjid, Wazir Khan Masjid, Sheesh Mahal, and Anarkali Bazaar.

Car may also reach greater Iqbal Park, one of the most well-known parks in Lahore, in a short amount of time from the station.

In the surrounding area, you’ll also find some of the oldest food streets in Lahore, which are excellent examples of the city’s authentic culinary heritage.

Because the train station in Lahore is in the middle of the city’s metropolitan area, it should not take you more than half an hour to get there from any of the city’s many neighbourhoods.

The following is a list of neighbourhoods in the city, along with the distance that they are from the central train station:

  • Mughalpura (10-min drive away)
  • Johar Town (reaching there will take approximately 25 minutes),
  • DHA Lahore (reaching there will take approximately 30 minutes),
  • Wapda City (30-min drive away)

Lahore Hotels Near Railway Station 

Lahore Railway Station – History, Train Schedules, and Much More! 

 In addition, there are a few sub-railway stations in the city of Lahore. They used these stations by a variety of trains and cargo carriages at various times throughout the day.

Lahore Cantt Station, the Shahdara Bagh Railway Station, and the Kot Lakhpat railway station are a few examples of these kinds of stations.

Individuals who are interested in utilising express trains might head to the Lahore train station.

Lahore Railway Station TimeTable

Following is a list of the more used passenger trains and their respective timings from Lahore.

Train NameOrigin CityDestinationTime of DepartureTime of Arrival
Akbar ExpressLahoreQuetta17:0010:20
Badar ExpressLahoreFaisalabad09:3007:45
Babu PassengerLahoreWazirabad JN16:4007:00
Faisal ExpressLahoreFaisalabad08:0007:10
Faiz ExpressLahoreNarowal18:3007:10
Fareed ExpressLahoreKarachi06:0021:20
Ghouri ExpressLahoreFaisalabad19:1517:50
Islamabad ExpLahoreIslamabad18:0022:25
Karachi ExpressLahoreKarachi Cant17:0010:40
Karakoram ExpLahoreKarachi Cant16:0009:00
Lasani ExpressLahoreSialkot15:4509:25
Musa PakLahoreMultan23:4504:35
Multan ExpressLahoreMultan16:0022:10
Pak Business ExpLahoreKarachi  15:3009:15
Ravi ExpressLahoreShorkot CANT15:2507:30
Rawal ExpressLahoreRawalpindi00:3004:45
Sargodha ExpressLahoreSarghodha15:1509:35
Shalimar ExpressLahoreKarachi Cantt06:0000:40
Subak Kharam ExpLahoreRawalpindi16:3011:50
Subak RaftarLahoreRawalpindi07:0021:30
Waris ShahLahoreShorkot Jn12:2010:50

Other Lahore Railway Station

Lahore Railway Station – History, Train Schedules, and Much More! 

Besides the city’s primary railway junction, Lahore is home to several other well-liked train stations. Pakistan Railways handle this.

In addition, there are a few sub railway stations in the city of Lahore, which are used by a variety of trains and cargo carriages at various times throughout the day.

Other stations to consider visiting include Lahore Cantt. Station, Shahdara Bagh Railway Station, and Kot Lakhpat railway station.

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