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Money Heist Season 1: La Casa De Papel Season 1 Episode 1 Free Full Review In English

In La Casa De Papel Season 1 Episode 1: Efectuar lo Acordado, The story starts with a girl whose secret name is Tokyo, and then we see that Tokyo wakes up from her nightmare, and only then she sees the news on TV and at the same time she is given her introduction to us and she has also told her partner with whom.

La Casa De Papel Season 1

Money Heist Season 1 Episode 1 Info

  • Series Name: Money Heist
  • Season : 1
  • Orignal Name : La Casa De Papel (In Spanish)
  • Release In : 2017
  • EP # La Casa De Papel Season 1 Episode 1
  • Episode Name: Efectuar Lo Acordado
  • Language: English | Hindi | Spanish (Orignal)
  • Orignally Published: Money Heist | Netflix Official Site

La Casa De Papel Season 1 Episode 1

In La Casa De Papel Season 1 Episode 1, She always used to love, they both together, ie 15 times till date, they had committed robbery 15 times till today, but in the last, her partner is killed, as soon as the cap escapes from there, now above Tokyo Height and together Because of the murder, due to which she is running away from the police for 11 days if tow that movement. But if caught, they will be jailed for 30 years and that is why now she is running from one place to another hiding, so why did she know very well that the police could find her at any time.

That\’s why she calls her mother for the last time and talks to her that I am alive, you must have already come to know about me that my photo is being shown on the news every day, then her mother used to say then meet me. Aaogi would say to Tokyo on Tawa that we will definitely come to meet you and both of them decide at one place so that from there the phone leaves the booth to meet her mother but then there a person in the car blocks her way In The Series La Casa De Papel Season 1 Episode 1.


The name is Professor and then there she says to Topi that I have an offer for you, then there Tow ignores her words and goes back to the front but the advanced professor blocks her way and tells her the truth that Where are you going? There already police are sitting ready to welcome you. Yes, but if you go, they will catch you and put you directly in jail, then it is better that you join me, I am planning a big story which is the whole of 2.5 billion million Europe, I am working on those people for this work. Find someone I have nothing to lose.

La Casa De Papel Season 1 Episode 1 English

If you want, you can come with me and on hearing this, she goes to Tokyo Greece with the professor, taking the rumor and also tells that if I want to If not, then why not for the world\’s biggest theft and with this we are shown the new team of professors which includes total art members and from there they all reach, go to an old deserted house and the professor Gives his introduction to everyone and tells that we all are here to plan a big house, yet you do not know each other\’s name, I do not even want you to know each other\’s name.

In La Casa De Papel Season 1 Episode 1, All of you should keep a secret name of yours, such as a toy or the name of a city, Maurya Quick Entry, the name of the Tawa. We also decided that we will all keep our secret name after 11 countries. From now on, this place will be your home for a full 5 minutes, we will be planning this big house for the whole 5 months.

In La Casa De Papel Season 1 Episode 1, In these five months, we will practice that after all How will the final year height be successful, as we do not know each other yet, so we will not ask any questions, questions, nor will we ask anyone\’s name, and do not try to make a relationship at all, and with this Finally now everyone names their name after a whistle and with this Tokyo started giving us their introduction along with their criminal record along with everyone\’s name.


La Casa De Papel Season 1 Episode 1: Efectuar Lo Acordado

In La Casa De Papel Season 1 Episode 1, The first one starts with Berlin which He is going to lead the size of the key, he will be in charge of it, so far he has been accused of a total of 27 height, after that it is the turn of the roads, which once used to work in a mine, it was accused that he had bought from many jewelry shops.

In La Casa De Papel Season 1 Episode 1 English, Denver who is the son of Moscow, was robbed by making this drug and assault on him There are jams every day, there is a very hot mind, and every day he keeps going to the police station on the charges of theft, then it is shown that Rio, who is a computer and a sheer master, had started acting since his six years and in this piece Also he was about to do acting work and after that, it is shown in.

In La Casa De Papel Season 1 Episode 1, Do it Means Helsinki and more slow which are milk strong people kind, strong people are needed to do any such work but till date, this matter is not related to state science. Has the brain or not and the last member in Nairobi, who started making counterfeit notes 13 years, will have quality control inside it.

In La Casa De Papel Season 1 Episode 1, While checking whether the fake note that is made is absolutely right or wrong and there Professor gives his intro, he is the biggest mastermind of the whole house, he does not have any criminal record to date that I did not make any ID after 19 years Professor tells one thing to everyone there, yes its now We are going to be a hero tomorrow because we are not stealing any public money but that money.

La Casa De Papel Season 1 Episode 1 Full HD

In La Casa De Papel Season 1 Episode 1, There are people who have no right over anyone, but in the next option it is shown that brother, it has started, all the people reach a place where they get the necessary weapons and companions, necessary costumes, that\’s all in the car. Sit down and leave for a place This is the place where their note-making paper bundles for the Royal Mint of Spain were taken and then it is there but that road is marked with a diversion board.


In La Casa De Papel Season 1 Episode 1, Stops and then all the people there, stopping the policemen and fellow drivers with guns, take that whole truck in their possession, hijack all the people inside the truck and along with his entire team with guns and guns I sit at the back, while Berlin goes ahead with him in the police car, he has thought that the area behind dividing is so that he can attack from the whole place at once, where it is shown in Royal Mint where But now a school bus came and stopped.

It is at the time when its entire team and school children are entering the soil minute, while on the other hand, we are shown the same champion of the Royal Mint, one of whom is Monica Jogi talking to her boss.

Money Heist Season 1 Episode 1 In Hindi

In La Casa De Papel Season 1 Episode 1, She tells that I am pregnant, but then her boss says that I have a family of my own, I also keep my wife as well as three children, if I am unhappy with this child of yours, then drop this child, both of them are together I am still talking, but then yes for this, the whole team reaches there and by firing, creates chaos over there, due to which everyone there gets scared and starts obeying their orders.

There is an increase in the past, on the basis of that, he takes all the employees as well as the children of the school to the middle of a big hall and all these activities the professor is watching sitting in one of his secret places, which has all the access to Rio. They have reached him by hacking, for communication with each other, they have reached from inside the ground. A wire is taken out of the shift that their phone is not directly connected to any server nor to any other telephonic line and they use it so that the police can come to the special forces and record their calls.


In La Casa De Papel Season 1 Episode 1, The planning is very top class and only then the mother starts looking for a girl in the Royal Mint of Tokyo Puri, whose name is Edison Pakar and it is shown that the photo of Edison crossing is also on the professor\’s wall, so that I turn out that this girl is a very important character for the whole house and with this, Rio finally closes the big door of that Royal Mint and everyone is tied there to sit as a hostel judge.

La Casa De Papel Season 1 Episode 1 Download

On the other hand, we see Edition Parkar who is with her boyfriend inside the washroom and then her boyfriend clicks on her which is a little nude and only then she uploads this pack on Instagram. Let\’s say there is a fight going on between them, but then there is a dispute. Yo reaches and takes them both to the middle of that whole hall. I am all of you people there is no need to fear me, you all just corporate us and we will also corporate you, by this time a bandage is put on all the most of his eyes and only then come to Rio with their mobiles and their names.

In La Casa De Papel Season 1 Episode 1, Moscow and Denver who cleverly crack open that big vault of the Royal Mint, and as he looks at the vault opener, debits a lot of money as if it\’s crazy He happens to see the notes, something goes on him, touches his feet, and tells his father that if we steal all this money, then what will happen to our life, then there from Moscow, tells all this work which Today we have done this not only because of you and my talent but because of that mastermind professor.


It is done on the strength of his mind, his mind is hungry with him, I should not be deceived, so according to the plan, let\’s go to that work, while it is shown that on a wall, all those most of its smartphones felt

Money Heist Season 1 Episodes List

In La Casa De Papel Season 1 Episode 1, It is given by switching off and only then I am shown the conversation between the hat and the companions, in those things he reaches his flashback, where we are shown the story of that one night before where you are up Tow comes into the room, and also takes out the chain from his neck and tells the city of Tokyo that my real name is written inside it and with this, we get to know that both of them have filled a rule of professor. Yogi Professor has given everyone.

It was forbidden that no one will make a relationship and there we are also shown the love story of both of them, that\’s a big scene shoot if these.

In La Casa De Papel Season 1 Episode 1, Tokyo Nairobi exchange notes on the companions who are standing in front of that door with guns and they open is the front gate so that the police would now attack them for ABC A also does not explain to them, according to these plans, the police will be waiting for them outside, Prof. Your coding, these four have to go out, keep a bag full of notes there and fire on this ground together and after doing that Again,


La Casa De Papel Season 1 Episode 1, Close the door and hide inside, this will make the policemen think that this is some normal thief who has come to the Royal Mint to steal money and now they are caught in our trap and this is their trick in their future plan. It would be useful if his original plant was something else, but in this plan, a little goes wrong.

Money Heist Season 1 Episode 1 English

In La Casa De Papel Season 1 Episode 1, It seems and he falls there, then in response, Tokyo also starts firing there and within this firing, a lot of his work gets spoiled and he drags the injured back and brings them inside that Royal Mint. And inside this encounter, a policeman also feels bad, and they\’re now we see that the whole team is back.

It has come inside the Royal Mint from outside that on the other hand the police are calling the SWAT team for its backup and there was a bag full of notes, from inside it such and such are flying to the walls of the Royal Mint and with this it The first episode ends here…..


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