How To Write A Best Fiverr GIG Description


Hello! Today we gonna talk about the important steps to write an attractive & catchy Description For Fiverr GIG. The gig description plays a very important role in the sales of the gig. So it should be very well written & attractive. Today I’ll tell you some very important steps through which you can write a best Description for your gig & tells people what you are selling exactly.It will increase your sales on Fiverr.

So lets Jump on the Topic:

What Exactly Buyers Needs in your Fiverr Gig Description?

In simple words, the key purpose of writing description is just explaining what you’re offering in the particular Gig. That’s not wrong at all! But the things go a little bit further. Remember, the buyer doesn’t visit your Gig for seeing what you’re offering, but to find out what’s beneficial for him. We have to consider some key factors like welcoming the buyer, Gig formatting, accomplishing buyer’s needs and last but not the least the keywords.

Most of the sellers compromise on writing their Gig description by rewriting or modifying the top-selling Gigs in their niche. Let me tell you, this might only work for you in one out of hundred cases. You can face a couple of problems in doing this attempt. Firstly, your Gig will not get higher rankings in the search results when the buyer searches for the services near yours. Along with other algorithmic rules, the unique, optimized and buyer-friendly content has an upper hand on the duplicated ones. Secondly, you will not even be able to describe exactly what you’re offering making the buyer escape from your sales point.

Starting from the optimized Gig title, you don’t need to write long stories, as we are allocated 1200 characters for this cause. As a result, your Gig should have at least these 6 aspects:

  1. Give a Warm welcome to the buyer
  2. Introduce Yourself comprehensively
  3. What does your Gig offer?
  4. Why should they hire you?
  5. What you need to get started
  6. Offer something for Free (optional)
  7. End up with inviting the buyer to order you

Primarily, Make sure you consider above-mentioned points as a first step.

06 Fiverr Description Ideas to Persuade the Buyer

Now, let’s explain these points one by one. For convenience, we can divide the description into 3 sections i.e. Head, Body and the footer. Obviously, you’re going to make these sections as headlines but it helps to formulate the description in a precise manner.


This will be an introductory phase of your Fiverr Gig description. This short segment will simply welcome the buyer to your Gig with your short introduction.

1) Welcome the Buyer

Give a warm welcome to your buyer. Engaging the buyer is a little bit difficult task as it demands high-quality techniques to do this. Welcoming the buyer gives him a personal feel and he will think at least for one time to go away from your Gig. Saying “Hi”, “Hello” or other words will do the job nicely.


 “Hi! Hope you’re doing great. Looking for a professional to write an enchanting content for your blog? Then you’re in the right place. It might have taken a long time to visit my Gig, let me capitalize on this opportunity by showing something favorable for you!”

2) Give a Brief Introduction

Introduce yourself comprehensively. No need to include the age, hobbies and other aspects. Simply, start with your name and experience in the particular niche and end up with some core skill related to the gig subject.


 “I’m John Doe, 2+ years experienced content writer for a number of blogs, websites etc. I’m also well-versed in writing unique content, rewriting, proofreading, optimizing the content etc. Let’s hope I comply with your requirements.”


Well, this is the main area to work at. In this section, we’ll go a little bit further in order to explain the offerings and your strong points that make you the best candidate for the given project.

3) What do you offer?

This point may contain some technical features in your Gig. Define the particular service offered at a given price. You may include things like the number of words included in the content, will the content be plagiarism-free or not? and so on.


 The whole matter can be summarized as:

  • 300 words article.
  • 100% unique
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • No chance of grammatical mistakes
  • Flawless English
  • Engaging and creative
  • Well-formatted

Important Note: If you’re dealing with the Gig packages, then differentiate the scope of your Gig accordingly.

4) Why should they Hire you?

A buyer has an option of hiring a number of other sellers and possibly with more higher ratings and reviews. What makes a difference for the buyer to select you among the lot? As a starter, the importance of this question doubles when you’re living with no review. You have to mention some of your strong points in the Fiverr Gig description while you deal with the project.


Why you hire me?

(On the basis work scope):

  • I conceptualize the given topic and carry out a deep research
  • I troll different reliable resources to get additional knowledge
  • No use of writing software
  • Proofreading to verify its validity in terms of SEO and the structure etc.
  • Finishing up with serving you a polished content

Some Highlighted Point to include:

  • 24 hours in contact
  • High communication skills
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • No compromise on quality

Of course, looking at the characters limit we can’t include all these points at once. So, we have to create a balance in between and work scope and the highlighted features.

5) What do you need from the buyer?

At last, you should ask for the Gig requirements you need from the buyer to start working on his project.


Required from you:

  • Article or content topic
  • Keywords list
  • Any other guidelines


The last section of the Fiverr Gig description is ending and closing the whole subject in a pleasant and convincing way.

6) Offer something in Free

This might help you heavily as a newcomer on Fiverr. But, it’s not needed especially when you’re well-settled on Fiverr. It’s optional if you use it as the things free of cost magnetize the humans a lot.


I’ve something extra in the same price:

  • 2 Wikipedia backlinks
  • 20 social media shares

7) Invite the Buyer to Order you!

In the last, invite the visitor to either contact you or simply hit “Order Now”.


I would love to clear any other query regarding this Gig. Message Me I’ll make a response ASAP, if not then simply hit,



Besides these factors, one most important thing is how you cover the keywords related to your niche. You have to use these keywords in a seamless manner.

06 Fiverr Gig Description Formatting Hacks to Magnetize the Buyer

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At the end of the day, what exactly matters is how you present anything to your clients? A well-organized and presented offer has a lasting impression on the buyer’s mind which multiplies the chances of getting orders. Let’s have a look at the gig description designing tricks to make it look better.

1) Reasonable Sentence Length

Use short sentences. Long sentences can disturb the look and feel of the text which can bore the buyer. Summarize in a quick way rather than adopting the explanatory technique.

2) Capitalize the important Phrases

Capitalizing the important sentences has a great impact as it grabs the buyer’s intent instantly. When it comes to SEO your Gigs, the capitalization plays a key role. Unlike the gig title, here you’re allowed to use unlimited capital words. So, capitalize the important notes you want the buyer must read.

3) Bullets

Using bullets in your Fiverr gig description gives a well-structured touch to the content. Listing creates comfortability for the reader to read what exactly is written.

4) Highlight the Beneficial points for Buyer

The things which are of great interest to the buyer should be highlighted. For example, if you’re offering something extra or indicating some important note, can be highlighted to make it possible for the buyer to order you Gig.

5) Paragraph Length

Don’t use too long paragraphs or finish the matter in a single paragraph. Make sure you use paragraphs of reasonable sentences. Using 2 to 3 sentences-long paragraph might do the job very nicely.

6) Powerful Words

Awesome title, catchy Gig photos, and the video are very helpful, but you should underestimate the value of using strong words to your text. Powerful words like “Definitely”, “Obviously”, “100% assured” etc gives a real boost in winning the projects.
So, these were the tricks we think might help you. Have something to add? Share your precious suggestions below!

Happy Selling!


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