How to start a Profitable Blog in 2023

How To Start A Profitable Blog In 2023

This is a quick guide that how you can start a profitable Blog in 2023 from scratch that can earn 2000$ to 3000$ per month even if you didn’t know technical things. This is 2023 a new year start & whoever nowadays didn’t want to earn money or some extra money. Some people like writing stories & articles. Some write diaries and some stuff like that to save their memories.

Some of them like to share the knowledge they have about something. It can be a physical product or some soft product like software or service. They can earn money by writing the same things as web articles or blog posts.

What is a Blog?

A blog is a specific kind of website with often updated content, also referred to as “blog postings.” The majority of these postings are produced by a single person or small group, and they are frequently shown in reverse chronological order, with the most recent post appearing first. Blogs are popular platforms for news, analysis, and personal expression on a wide range of subjects. While some blogs specialize in one area, others write about a variety of subjects.

How to find a Profitable Niche for a Blog?

So here comes the most important step which is to select a niche or topic on which you will write the content. Selecting a good and profitable niche is very important for getting traffic to your blog & start earning money from it.

What to Write in Blogs?

“What you will write in your blog” is the biggest problem when anyone starts or step-in into blogging. So here’s a very simple answer “Write about what you know”. It means you don’t need to get frustrated about anything else. Just start writing about the things you have knowledge of.

It means some of you have knowledge about Digital Marketing, and Some know about Law, Health, the Internet, Computers, and Subjects like English, Maths, Coding, or something else. You can share your thoughts & information with the public.

Identify your passions and expertise

It will be very easy for you to cover that topic because you have knowledge of that particular thing. The next step is to find keywords and market gaps. It will help you in discovering those topics in your selected niche that are untouched or have very less information already available on The Internet.

Blog about a topic you are passionate about and have knowledge or experience in. This will make it easier for you to create content and build an audience.

Google Trends

Here comes google trends, Google trends will help you in finding those topics that people are searching for & their search trends. Google Trends is a free tool that shows the stats of the topics that are mostly searched on Google.

Consider your target audience 

Think about who you want to reach with your blog, and choose a niche that will appeal to them.

Use Keyword Research Tools

After selecting a niche now it’s time to get keywords that people are searching for or have a good search volume. For this purpose, you can use different keyword research tools.

Here are some Free & Paid Keyword Research Tools that will help you in finding the best keywords that will drive organic traffic to your blog.

Free Keyword Research Tools

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • SEMrush (Limited Features)
  • UbberSuggest (Limited Features)
  • Ahref’s Free Keyword Tool

Paid Keyword Research Tools

These are the best keyword research tools if you are going to spend some money for tools.

How to create a blog?

To create a blog you just need to select a platform where you can publish your articles. Usually, we select WordPress or Blogger. But I advise you to continue with WordPress. WordPress allows you to access more settings rather than Google’s blogger.

So WordPress needs Hosting to create a blog or website & for Blogger you just need a Domain you can use blogger’s subdomain for free or you can purchase at a very cheap price from Namecheap.

How to Setup a blog in WordPress?

After the selection of Niche & Hosting purchases, Now it’s time to set up our blog. Here are some very simple steps to set up a blog.

Purchase Web Hosting

In simple words, we can say Web Hosting is a storage space where the files of your website are going to store. All the media & textual files will be saved on a server that is working & online every time without going down.

Install WordPress CMS

Install WordPress on your hosting account or server. If you are using Hostinger or Bluehost it is very simple to install WordPress in your hosting.

Customize Your Blog

Choose a theme for your blog and customize it to your liking. Just go to the Appearance option select the theme & install the theme you like. Recommended themes are Astra, Neve, Generatepress, and OceanWP. These are some best & lightweight themes to start a blog. Customize it as you like with various page builder plugins.

Setup Plugins

You can use some plugins to enhance the functionality of your WordPress blog. You can use plugins to create forms, and newsletters or to design your blog. Basically, plugins add some additional functionalities to WordPress.

Some Important Pages

Create some important pages like:

  • Privacy Policy Page
  • Terms & Conditions Page
  • Contact & About Page

Some Settings

Configure your blog’s settings, such as permalinks and reading options. In reading options if you’ve created a specific homepage you need to set it as a static page & select your homepage.

Set the permalink structure to “post name” for better SEO of your blog posts.

Create Content

Your blog is ready. Now you have to write blog posts. Write blog posts assign them categories, do some basic On-Page SEO, Enter Tags & Publish Them.

How To Monetize a Blog?

So now it’s time to make money from your blog. Here are some best ways to monetize your blog. That are legit ways to start earning from your blog.

  • Advertisement
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sponsored Content
  • Selling Goods


The first method to monetize your blog is Advertisement. Advertising is the best and easy way to monetize your blog. There are some platforms that provide you with advertisements to monetize your blog by displaying ads. These platforms are:

These are some best advertisement networks. Usually, we want to work with Google’s Adsense. It is the biggest Ads Publisher Network & pays good money to publishers. But the remaining are also very good. It depends upon you to work with. You can also work with multiple ads network same time.

Affiliate Marketing

The second method to monetize your blog is Affiliate Marketing. In Affiliate Marketing you promote others products or services from your blog & earn some commissions when a visitor makes a purchase from your referral.

Sponsored Content

The third method is Sponsorships. You can work with brands to create sponsored content such as sponsored blog posts & social media posts. Also, you can display their sponsored ads on your blog. In this method, brands will pay you for displaying or publishing sponsored content.

Selling Goods

Another method of earning money with blogs is selling. Selling is one of the best ways to earn instantly. You can sell digital & physical goods based on your expertise. Digital goods include E-books, Templates, Courses & other digital products.

If you have some physical product so you can also sell it online.

These are some best ways to earn money from your blog. These methods can earn you passive income.

Blog’s Identity

Blog Identity is very important for every blog. You should make social media accounts with the name of your blog. These social signals to your blog enhance the SEO of your blog and help in getting traffic to your blog.

So, this was the quick guide & complete roadmap from starting a New blog to starting earning from that blog. The next step is to write good quality content that will really help others to solve their problem & google will promote your blog.

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