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GoPro makes something. The best action cameras you can buy. The GoPro Hero 10 Black is our top pick thanks to its unparalleled image and stabilization quality. Hero 9 Black Even after more than a year in the market, it still holds its position. What also helps GoPro cameras stand out is the brand’s commitment to accessories, including the latest battery-grip tripod hybrid – the GoPro Volta.

The Volta is a very practical addition to the GoPro Hero 9 or Hero 10 Black, packed with functionality, and perfect for anyone who doesn’t need a waterproof grip. It’s comfortable to use and adds plenty of functionality to the line, converting to a tripod, extending your camera’s battery, and offering both wired and wireless remote control over your Hero. For a really polished blogging setup, you’ll need to purchase Volta as part of the Hero 10 Black Crater Edition, which also includes some mods.

The fixed USB-C cable on the back of the Volta is awkward when unplugged, and it can be a fiddle to get the USB-C connection into the port, whether you’re using a standalone camera or part of a media mode system. As. . Once everything is set up and connected, though, the Volta helps alleviate the battery woes and provides a comfortable shooting experience both handheld and when in tripod mode. If so, one is stable.

If you don’t already have a Hero 10 Black, the Creator Edition is a great call for YouTubers or vloggers who want to build a compact film rig with external audio. Media Mode helps capture high-quality audio, and Best Light Mode is a fantastic tool for photographers and videographers, whether used as part of a GoPro rig or standalone on a remote shoot. Read our GoPro Hero 10 Black Review And learn more about its performance.

GoPro Volta and Hero 10 Creator Edition Price

While the Volta is a perfectly fine accessory on its own, when matched with the Hero 10 Black, Media Mode, and Light Mode, it becomes part of a powerful mini-filming rig known as the Creator Edition Bundle. .

You can buy the Volta standalone for $90.99 / £83.99 with a GoPro subscription, or $129.99 / $119.99 without one, although pricing gets a bit more confusing when you consider picking up the Creator Edition. Is.

GoPro Volta tripod grip on wooden table

(Image credit: Future)

New GoPro subscribers get the best deal for the Creator Edition – $531.95 / £508.45 / AU$820.33 – not bad given how powerful the system is, especially when matched with a microphone like this. DJI Mic or Rode Wireless Go II.

If you’re an existing GoPro subscriber, expect to pay $581.96 / £558.46 / AU$890.33, and for someone who doesn’t have a subscription, the Creator Edition bundle costs a hefty $784.95 / £759.95 / AU$1204.75. Given that GoPro subscriptions cost $49.99 / £49.99 / AUS $69.99 a year, picking one up is a no-brainer.


One quick look at the Volta and you can probably tell what it does. For starters, it’s a gripe. A coiled, dangling USB-C cable suggests it charges your action camera, while its side buttons clearly control shooting modes and content capture. On the base, there’s also a tripod thread which means it’s mountable too – and of course, you can mount your GoPro on top of it.

When you inspect the Volta more closely, there are some hidden highlights – a USB-C port under the flap so you can charge the Volta’s battery, and a hidden action cam mount, which is spring-loaded. Need to come forward. – Loaded button.

This means you can mount the Volta to your handlebars or car bonnet without taking off your GoPro. Finally, the front of the grip flaps open, turning the Volta into a tripod.

Also worth noting, the Volta’s main mount swivels, so you can lock and rotate your GoPro Hero in 90-degree increments – a saving grace when fitting a cumbersome coiled USB-C cable to your camera.

Setup and usability

Connecting your action camera to your Volta is fairly easy provided you are running the latest firmware. The Volta ships with a battery door that replaces the default door so you can attach the grip to your camera.

This reduces waterproofing to weatherproofing, but means that in addition to powering up your camera, you can control it without needing to connect it to your Volta. For wireless control, it’s a simple matter of Bluetooth pairing in the camera’s menu – no need to fiddle with the GoPro app.

As for real-world use, the Volta’s grip is comfortable, its features logical and, for the most part, its design does a great job of getting even more out of your GoPro. It easily converts to a tripod, it’s secure when the legs are locked in ‘grip’ mode, and having the option to mount the Volta is incredibly convenient.

The key area where Volta dropped the ball for us was strange. We already mentioned the USB-C cable. It is a coiled pendant that hangs from the body of the grip and cannot be removed. We would have preferred a removable USB-C cable instead of a fixed one, or some other more elegant solution.

The Volta is also relatively slow to charge, powering up in about two hours with a fast charger. Like some smart phones were given. OnePlus Nord CE 2 With similar battery capabilities that power up in just 30 minutes, fully charging the Volta can make for a frustrating wait in rush hour.

Should you buy a GoPro Volta?

GoPro Volta tripod grip on wooden table

(Image credit: Future)

Buy it if…

Don’t buy it if…

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