Gaming Laptop Buying Guide | Best Guide Before Buying Gaming Laptop 2021

Gaming laptops have some features that are used to judge how long they will last together. These are just some of the features that you should consider before buying, even if it is a gaming laptop. It\’s not like you used to work on the same computer, play games, listen to music, and browse.


Let\’s see what are features that we should consider before buying a gaming laptop. By the way, we should first look at the process and battery life of the laptop but we will start with the basic features, which are keys and mouse.

Keys & Mouse

Gaming laptop keys and mouse are kept more detachable so as not to spoil prematurely. When you play games on a work laptop, you may have noticed that the keys or mouse of that laptop often go bad. This is because laptops are not made for gaming. Laptops that are made for gaming are designed by experts in such a way that their keys and mouse sensitivity are also ready for rough use. Whether you shoot your opponent with multiple keys presses or strikes with punches, kicks, and knives, these keys don\’t leave you alone!


When it comes to keys, it should be clear that the placement of keys is also important. The distance between the keyboard perks is also smartly planned so that your hand can easily adapt to that spacing while playing the game. One is horizontal spacing and one is vertical space. Right from the horizontal distance keys and The left side is measured, while the vertical distance is measured above and below the keys.

Battery Life

Laptops, especially gaming laptops, should have a long battery life so that you can play your games without having to plug them in. Both the battery gets hot and the laptop heats up. The reason for this heat up is its multi-tasking and overuse.

Efficient Cooling System

According to experts, a good gaming laptop must have fans and vents for efficient cooling. The fans keep the processor cool and the hot air inside the vents keeps coming out. Are also important but are even more important for gaming laptops. This is because gaming laptops are more likely to get hot.


Good graphics are also important. Nowadays, 3D and 4D games have come, for which the graphics must be good and sporty. Will not come. For example, The Witcher 3, Assasin\’s Creed, Hitman 2, and Far cry 5 are some of the games that demand high-quality graphics. If their photo quality is not crisp then the game will not be so engrossing. When you look at the graphics, the graphics of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX16 series or the NVIDIA GeForce RTX20 Super series are ideal. When you are checking the graphics of the laptop.

Processor & Storage

The processor of gaming laptops should be such that no matter what you say. Even if a truck comes and stands in the middle of its performance, it will not be able to stop. It doesn\’t matter if you have up to 64 GB RAM and 1 TB SSD (PCle), 2TB HDD storage along with the processor. A laptop\’s processor and storage are what make it the best it can be.


To check this you will see how much is the CPU, RAM, and storage of the laptop. Comes on RAm Pay, Ideal from 16 GB to 64 GB. Storage includes 256 GB SSD, Super RAID41 TB SSD, 1 TB PCle, 1TB 5400 RPM, SATA HDD, 256 GB-1 Tb PCle, 3rd Gen SSD, these are a few keywords. What you can see on a laptop.SSD, HDD, PCle RAID, RPM, SATA HDD, are some of the technical language keywords that tell you what performance speed your laptop will give and how much load it can carry.

Stability & Durability

How long a laptop will last you depends on its durability. And how strong the body of that laptop is, how durable its keys and mouse are, is called the stability of that laptop. The two features are linked to each other and are very important. Processor, body, screen, keys, and mouse, all these things together decide how durable a laptop will be. The processor can carry heavy loads. The body, screen, keys, and mouse must be strong, flexible, and studded enough to be ready for rigid usage at all times.

Here are some of the best gaming laptops:

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