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Complete List of Air Chiefs of Pakistan from 1947 to 2022

The Air Chief of Staff is a military post in the Pakistan Air Force and is in fact the highest-ranking officer in the PAF (Pakistan Air Force). Read the full list of Chiefs of Air Staff from 1947 to 2022.

Complete List of Air Chiefs of Pakistan from 1947 to 2022

Designation and Duties

The Chief of Air Staff of Pakistan was reported as CAS and was nominated by the Prime Minister of Pakistan following the final removal by the President of Pakistan. This most prestigious position is held only by pilots. In addition, Pakistan’s Air Chief is a senior member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee.

He also makes necessary discussions with Chairman Joint Chief and serves as chief adviser for Pakistan’s Prime Minister. He also acts as an adviser to the government in the perspective of the defence of the country’s aerial borderlines and airspace.

The Chief of Air Staff also serves his duty as controller and command of logistics, management of operations, training commands, and combatants. Furthermore, he also deals with decision-making issues and strategic control of the country’s national security.

The appointment of the Chief of Air Staff is subject to a period of 3 years. However, it may be extended by the Prime Minister and President of Pakistan. The current Chief of Air Staff is Air Chief Marshal Pakistan Zaheer Ahmed Babar.

Complete List of Air Chiefs of Pakistan from 1947 to 2022

PAF History

After the nation’s independence in 1947, PAF was established after the portioning of the Royal Indian Forces. At that time, the Air force was commanded by British Air Council and designated as Commander in Chief, and he was to address the Governor of the time.

In the beginning, the office of the Air Chief was confined by the 2-star ranked official, which was later promoted to the 3-star rank. The British officers continued to serve as Air Chief Marshal Pakistan until 1957. The last officer was Air Vice-Marshal Sir Arthur McDonald, who served for 1 year till 22 July 1957.

The title declared by the British ‘Commander in Chief’ was changed to the ‘Chief of Air Staff’ in 1972. Zafar Chaudhary was the first to be appointed under the title of Air Marshal. In 1974 PAF had its foremost 4-star ranked official, and since then, there have been fourteen 4-star ranked Air chiefs of Pakistan.

Air Marshal Asghar Khan was the first Muslim Air Chief of Pakistan.

Complete List of Air Chiefs of Pakistan from 1947 to 2022

Air Chief Marshals since 1947

The complete list of Chief of air staff Pakistan is given below.

FromToAir Marshal Pakistan
15 August 1947 17 February 1949Allan Perry-Keene
18 February 19496 May 1951Sir Richard Atcherley
7 May 195119 June 1955Leslie William Cannon
20 June 195522 July 1957Sir Arthur McDonald
23 July 195722 July 1965Asghar Khan
23 July 196531 August 1969Nur Khan
1 September 19692 March 1972Abdul Rahim Khan
3 March 197215 April 1974Zafar Chaudhry
16 April 197422 July 1978Zulfiqar Ali Khan
23 July 19785 March 1985Anwar Shamim
5 March 19858 March 1988Jamal A. Khan
9 March 19889 March 1991Hakimullah Khan Durrani
9 March 19918 November 1994Farooq Feroze Khan
8 November 19947 November 1997Abbas Khattak
7 November 199720 November 2000Parvaiz Mehdi Qureshi
20 November 200020 February 2003Mushaf Ali Mir
18 March 200318 March 2006Kaleem Saadat
18 March 200618 March 2009Tanvir Mahmood Ahmed
19 March 200919 March 2012Rao Qamar Suleman
19 March 201219 March 2015Tahir Rafique Butt
19 March 201519 March 2018Sohail Aman
19 March 201819 March 2021Mujahid Anwar Khan
19 March 2021CurrentZaheer Ahmad Babar

The new air chief of Pakistan will be decided after the tenure of Air Chief Zaheer Ahmed Babar. The article concludes with the complete list of Air Marshals Pakistan since 1947.

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