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Cloud SuperComputers: The Start Of Digital World

The cloud is now the dominant force in enterprise computing, and it has made a sudden, but calm, shift toward the field of supercomputing. Cloud-native supercomputing is one of the biggest advances to date in supercomputing and is now ready to handle the workload of both HPC and AI.


Availability Of Cloud Supercomputers

Cloud Supercomputers are now available for a lot of companies. At present supercomputers are not just made up of specialized and complex hardware components, they are made up of advanced servers that are heavily connected through software that uses HPC or high-performance computing workloads in this hardware. Can These servers can be in the data center as well as in the cloud.


The world\’s most powerful supercomputers were only accessible to governments, research universities, and well-protected corporations. They were used primarily to break enemy codes, activate the weather, and design nuclear reactors. Those highly modified supercomputers are now available to a wide range of companies thanks to the cloud. Enterprise cloud computing has successfully developed new ways to engage users, from service to mobile computing as business software.

On the other hand, supercomputing will accelerate R&D to accelerate innovation and provide new possibilities for product development. The Concorde Supersonic program, for example, took 25 years to develop and cost $ 5 billion to launch its first commercial flight in 1976, with a startup cloud called Boom Supersonic (founded in 2014). Powered by Blogger. With the help of the cloud, it managed to run 53 million compute hours on Amazon Web Services (AWS), with plans to scale to more than 100 million compute hours.

Companies Providing Cloud SuperComputers

  • The University of Cambridge has already started building a cloud-native supercomputer in the UK. Two of the researchers in the UK are separately working to develop key software elements for cloud-native supercomputing.
  • NVIDIA has also started building up cloud supercomputers, which will be made available for users worldwide in the form of its latest DGX Super POD. It consists of the key ingredients like the NVIDIA Bluefield- 2 data processing unit, which is now in production.

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Features Of Cloud SuperComputers

The cloud supercomputers has the following functions:

  • A cloud-native supercomputer allows multiple users to share a supercomputer, keeping each user’s workload secure and private. Thanks to the “multi-tenant isolation”, which is by default available in today’s commercial cloud computing
  • Cloud-native supercomputers use DPUs to manage tasks related to storage, security for tenant isolation, and systems management. This will offload the CPU to focus on processing tasks and maximising overall system performance.

How Cloud SuperComputers Helping Organizations

Cloud computing has the potential to create new possibilities for science and engineering. For example, Samsung Electronics has created a cloud-based platform for fabless consumers (who design and sell hardware but do not manufacture it), so that they can use a variety of electronic designs on demand and before manufacturing. Also, collaborate with Samsung.


This new method will bring continuous integration into engineered products. The use of supercomputing in the cloud is slowly becoming the basis of innovation in many industries around the world. Today, supercomputing in the cloud is making possible everything that seemed like science fiction yesterday. There are some industries that exist only because of this computational perfection, for example, private space travel.



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