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Best 7 New Movies and Shows On Netflix, Prime Video & HBO To Watch This Week

We are here with Best 7 New Movies and Shows On Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max & Disney Plus. So everyone who has a Subscription to Netflix & Other Similar Platforms is in searching for Movies & Shows That are good To Watch. So Let\’s See What\’s On Netflix & Other Platforms this week. What\’s In Trending On Netflix This Week. So Let\’s Have a look at Movies & Shows To Watch This Week.


This week\’s arrival is the most selective group we\’ve ever seen. With the new season of Star Trek: Picard, listeners have the option of traveling to the high seas with the shocking violence of Taika Waititi\’s Our Flag Means Death or The Boys Presents: Diabolical. If you\’re in the mood for some musical magic, West Side Story leads the feature-length lineup on Disney Plus and HBO Max.

Below, we\’ve compiled the seven biggest movies and TV shows available to stream on Netflix, Prime Video, and HBO Max in the next few days.

Best 7 New Movies and Shows To Watch This Week

West Side Story (Disney Plus & HBO Max)

In the list of Best 7 New Movies and Shows, The West Side Story: Landing is Steven Spielberg\’s West Side Story, just two months after its exclusive release at Disney Plus and HBO Max (the US and elsewhere) theaters. A big-budget retelling of the 1957 stage musical of the same name (and adaptation of the second film after 1961 classic), this fresh-faced version of the popular story starring Ansel Elgat as Tony and Rachel Ziegler as Maria. Romance is suppressed by militant (and singing) groups in New York City.

Spielberg\’s West Side Story did poorly at the global box office when it was released last year, but favorable reviews and a few Oscar nominations made it an easy suggestion for newcomers this week.

Now available for streaming on Disney Plus in the UK and HBO Max in the US.

The Boys: Diabolical (Prime Video) 

In the list of Best 7 New Movies and Shows, The Boys: An eight-episode animated anthology dives deeper into the \”unseen cracks of the Boys Universe\”, following the (extremely) obvious exploits of the familiar anti-heroes of the diabetic series. Seth Rosen, Camille Nanjiani, and Ayesha Tyler are co-authors of the episode, while the show\’s cast – which includes Michael Serra, Don Chadel, Kieran Culkin, Okaofina, and Gian Carlo Esposito – starred in their source material. Leave the power behind.

As for whether or not this puts Diabolical on a par with Mainline the Boys Show, we said in our review that the series\’ traditional violence, deep humor, and cutting-edge social commentary are \”rated\” convincing. Will be happy \”- so it will definitely be enough to entertain at least the current franchise fans.

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The Dropout (Hulu)

In the list of Best 7 New Movies and Shows, The Dropout: The Battle for Uber, which dramatizes the fall of Uber CEO Travis Kalank, this weekend\’s arrival of The Dropout highlights an unexpected 2022 TV trend. Taken from an ABC News podcast hosted by Rebecca Jarvis, the eight-episode Hulu special – featuring new girl creator Elizabeth Meriwether – features Amanda Seyfried as the infamous Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes, He was recently convicted of defrauding phone investors through his medical company.

The likes of Naveen Andrews, William H. Macy, Stephen Frey, Larry Metcalfe, and Alan Rick are all in it, along with Seyfried and the other big players in the Theranos scandal, who have given a life story from a fitting dramatic reality to this promising Hulu Series.

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Pieces Of Her (Netflix)

In the list of Best 7 New Movies and Shows, Pieces Of Her: Don\’t get confused with fellow Netflix film Peace of a Woman, Peace of Her Stars star Tony Colette, a speech pathologist whose past comes back to haunt him after witnessing a shocking act of violence. An eight-episode adaptation of Karin Slaughter\’s 2018 novel, the show is directed entirely by The Plot Against America\’s Minkie Spiro and features acting twists from Jessica Barden, Omari Hardock, Colm Worthy, and Terry O\’Keefe. ۔

The piece doesn\’t look like it will shake the crime thriller genre, but its many twists and turns will inevitably ensure that it will be included in the 10 biggest movies on Netflix in the coming weeks.

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The Tourist (HBO Max)

In the list of Best 7 New Movies and Shows, The Tourist: The Tourist arrives on the HBO Max in the US (and other regions) this weekend. Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, I\’ll tell ya. Afterward, hunting inexplicably on the outskirts of Australia.

The reviews were by far the best when The Tourist first aired on the BBC, especially Dornan\’s performance, so fans of Memento, The Rover, or more recently, Netflix\’s Beckett will love it.

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Our Flag Means Death || HBO MAX

In the list of Best 7 New Movies and Shows, Our Flag Means Death: After gaining notoriety on FX for his vampire comedy series What We Do in the Shadows, Tika Vetti returned to the small screen (after a few Marvel-sized film projects) on HBO Max with Our Flag Means Death. Created by People of Earth author David Jenkins and based on the true story of the (very) elite pirate Stead Bonnet, the series follows Bonnet (Flight of the Concordes Rice Darby) as he lives the marine life. Is accustomed to staying away from Privilege – With a little help from the naughty Blackbeard of Vetti.

Our flag means the death trailer makes it like harmless entertainment, but the show seems to have surprised its critics by offering an amazing depth. We have no idea when it will arrive in the UK, but Sky probably seems to be the broadcaster that will pick it up in a few weeks.

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Star Trek (Picard: Season 2) || Prime Video

In the list of Best 7 New Movies and Shows, Star Trek: Patrick Stewart is back in the second season of Star Trek: Picard as Admiral Jean-Luc Picard, who landed this week on Paramount Plus and Prime Video (depending on your area).

In this new season of the hit sci-fi show, the former captain of USS Enterprise is forced to travel to 2024 (yes, basically our situation) in order to fix the future which is an \”absolute dream\”. \”I have changed. Some of Star Trek\’s next-generation familiar faces are also included in the entertainment – especially Q (John de Lancey), Borg Quinn (now played by Annie Worshing), and Guinness (Hopey Goldberg).

New episodes of Star Trek: Picard (10 in total) will air on Paramount Plus every Thursday in the US and on Prime Video in the UK every Friday (ie one day later).

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We hope you like the list of Best 7 New Movies and Shows On Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max & Disney Plus. We will bring a new list every week to get you fully entertain with the Best Series, Movies, Seasons & Shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max & Other Platforms.

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