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Best 10 Sci-Fi TV Shows on Prime Video

Prime Video’s sci-fi TV Shows library has a lot to offer – if you have time to explore its previous catalog. Prime Video has picked three great sci-fi series from there: Counterpart, The Expenses, and Orphan Black. Already seen this essential trio? There are even better sci-fi series worth trying.

Best 10 Sci-Fi TV Shows on Prime Video

Prime Video: Best 10 Sci-Fi TV Shows

Scroll down to see our top picks for the best sci-fi TV shows you can stream on Prime Video right now.

Night Sky (2022β€”) Sci-Fi TV Shows

Night Sky is not the most compelling title, and the series doesn’t reach the heights of sci-fi that some people are looking for. Although the series presents a slow-burning mystery involving an alien planet, its greatest strength is the animation, sometimes a surprisingly funny drama between an old couple, whose main character Most likely Facing health issues, let alone dangerous newcomers, Franklin and Irene York (the infamous J.K. Siemens and Sisi Spacek) do their best to make sense of a portal to a mysterious, desolate planet.

Outer Range (2022β€”) Sci-Fi TV Show

Look no further than Outer Range for Trippy Sci-Fi that asks you to turn on your Wild Theory Generator. The sci-fi is based on the farm of the Western Abbott family, where the patron saint (Josh Brolin) hides a great secret. When a stranger comes to the city (Imogen Poots) he is forced to face his past, present, and future, not just in a metaphorical sense. Strange in ways that you wouldn’t expect, Outer Range is a solid sci-fi outing that sticks together.

Humans (2015-2018) Sci-Fi TV Shows on Prime Videos

Humans may not be completely real, but the collected parts sing. A British family buys an artificial intelligence robot called “Synth” to help with their busy lives. This basic approach to sensitive, potentially dangerous robots is one of the greatest strengths of humans. In the lovely center: an innocent relationship between the family’s youngest daughter and Gemma Chan’s beautiful and effective Saint Anita. A mystery draws the family to the beginnings of robots, which seek out the desired philosophical themes such as humanity, pain, memories, and reality.

Electric Dreams (2017-2018) Sci-Fi TV Shows on Prime Video

Electric Dreams lives up to its name, each episode of the Anthology series revolves around a dynamic, polished product idea of its source material: the work of Philip Dick. Like most anthologies, some episodes are better than others, but if you want to tell a story with a setup like Black Mirror, let it slip on you.

The Man in the High Castle (2015-2019) Sci-Fi Shows

The Man in the High Castle envisions an alternative history where the Axis powers (Rome-Berlin-Tokyo) win World War II. Based on a novel by Philip Dick, the series follows characters from the ’60s who live in a parallel universe, where Nazi Germany and the Empire of Japan control the United States. But it is impossible to get footage of newsreel in a world where Germany and Japan lose the war, leading to some rebellion. To really hammer out his dystopia credentials, The Man in the High Castle has been run by producer Ridley Scott. Fully realized and with a focused plot, it is capturing the TV.

Counterpart (2017-2019) Best Sci-Fi TV Shows

Peer stars J.K. Siemens is playing with JK. Siemens Get excited about it for a second. Set in Germany during the Cold War, the sci-fi thriller follows a low office grant, frustrated by its serious life. Then one day, he gets up at work and meets himself, but a better version of the parallel world. Mystery, tense action, and a fantastic dual lead performance from Simmons make the counterpart a must-see.

Tales from the Loop (2020β€”) Sci-Fi TV Shows

Not just another show about a small town where weird things happen, Tales from the Loop has layers beneath its beautiful surface. Based on the Swedish artist Simon Stalin Hogg’s book of fictional art, this series is amazing to watch. Intricate, symmetrical frames somehow give the feeling of the painting. The people of the interconnected city are similarly narcissistic, their stories exploring loneliness, aging and the effects of technology.

Upload (2020β€”) Best 10 Sci-Fi TV Shows

The upload blueprint combines Black Mirror and The Good Place to take virtual afterlife lightly. In the near future, humans could be uploaded to the digital sky, where they can still interact with living people. Even after his death, computer programmer Nathan cannot escape his domineering girlfriend. In the meantime, he has helped to resolve the issue, which could be his own assassination. Sometimes interesting comedy is set in an interesting digital space.

The Feed (2019) TV Shows

It is inevitable to compare Black Mirror with this British series about the wrong technology. Set in the future London, The Fed focuses on an implant that allows people to live their lives without having to press a button on their phone. No, there is nothing wrong with that. An impressive cast includes David Thules and Michelle Fairley. Although not as polished or deep-cut as the Black Mirror, the feed is still worth watching.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (1981) Best 10 Sci-Fi TV Shows on Prime Video

Prior to the 2005 film starring Martin Freeman, Douglas Adams’ classic sci-fi comedy franchise brought the cult’s 80s TV series. Taking full advantage of the visual tricks, the six-episode series successfully brought Arthur Dent, Ford Prefect, Trillion, Zafood Babelbrooks, and Marvin to the small screen.

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