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Best 10 Sci-Fi TV Series On Netflix

Looking for a Sci-fi TV Series worthy of a binge? Netflix has an excellent international library, including German sci-fi Jim Dark – one of the best series on Netflix Full Stop. Of course, there are Stranger Things, Black Mirror, and The OA, which is an amazingly unique sci-fi thriller. Scroll down for the best Netflix original and best international offers.

Best 10 Sci-Fi TV Series On Netflix

Into The Night – Sci-Fi TV Series

This Belgian apocalyptic sci-fi will probably stop you from flying anytime soon. Seated on an airplane, Anto the Night shows a red-eye hijacked by a soldier who, along with the other passengers, escapes a fatal world event on Earth. Can they fly the plane long enough to take them to safety? That basis alone should suffice to persuade you to catch this excellent, stressful thriller.

Sci-Fi TV Series: Archive 81

Enjoy a sci-fi series with two timelines? Is there a special place for sects and mysteries? Matt Archive 81. Multiple starlings depict Mamudo Athi as Dan Turner, an archivist who is taking a gig to restore a collection of videotapes destroyed from the 90’s. He finds much more than what he bargained for, a mysterious sect and an investigation into a young woman who may or may not die. With Horror, Mystery, Noir, and Sci-Fi, a supernatural thriller sinks into its horror, all in Archive 81.

Away (2020) -Sci-Fi series

Hilary is a big star at the center of Swank Away’s space drama. She plays Emma Green, a NASA astronaut and commander of the Mars Expedition. Things get off to a rocky start, and Emma’s international staff casts doubt on her ability to command. With a time lag between ground drama and reliable entertainment over the stratosphere, Away manages to embark on a multi-faceted journey.

Sci-Fi tv series : Love, Death + Robots (2019)

This adult animated anthology series covers a variety of genres, including several episodes on the Black Mirror Compression Button. In a post-apocalyptic city, robots, farmers piloted match suits, and space missions went wrong, all popping up in the first season. Although the episodes can be hit and miss (some have been criticized for their treatment of women), you will find quite thought-provoking and inspiring animations.

Strangers things (2016) Sci-Fi

This would not be the best list without the strangers. If you’ve ever thought of the Duffer Brothers’ 80s horror and Steven Spielberg, things are going to be tubular. We follow El, a near-dumb girl who was the subject of scientific experiments. She develops telecommunication powers, which she uses to stop the monsters from attacking with terrifying alternatives. The world of Indiana, Hawkins, lovingly elaborates on the need for 80s reminiscences for each person and the misrepresentations played by a brilliant young cast are part of everything that this show is about. Makes the Tour de Force.

Travelers (2016-2018) Netflix

Full Disclosure: Netflix sadly cancels out travelers after its third season, but outside of Canada this tightly planned sci-fi manages to end with a roaring explosion. We start with Marcy, a disabled woman who was beaten after helping a friend escape thugs. She dies – then comes to life. This strong-willed sci-fi reveals its secrets in clever ways, following future workers who are tasked with preventing society from collapsing and even have to go through a difficult area of ​​double living.

The 100 – A netflix series

If 100 sounds like your standard teen play, be prepared to exceed your expectations. There’s a reason this post-apocalyptic series scored seven seasons: 100 brings full-blown world construction and moral dilemmas that push stereotyped characters into unique, compelling places. There is a generation of 100 juvenile prisoners under discussion who were sent to earth to determine if it is fit to live after the resurrection. 100% let it go.

Sense8 (2015-2018)

There is another story from the creators of The Matrix that plays with reality. Sense8 follows eight strangers from around the world who discover that they are mentally and emotionally connected. Not only do these windows teach tolerance in very different lives, but “sensitivities” can also use each other’s abilities when confronted by a horrible organization that preys on them. If you joke with Sense8’s diverse characters, you’ll be glad to head out for this serious and thrilling sci-fi drama.

Altered Carbon (2018-2020)

Modified Carbon is set in a cyber punk world where human consciousness can be transferred to different bodies. In it, investigator and former soldier Takeshi Kovacs is transferred to the bodies of Joel Kanamon in Season 1 and Anthony Mackey in Season 2. Initially, Kovacs’ story involves solving a murder, before he goes on a quest to find out what happened to his own disappearance. Love. Altered Carbon can be complicated at times, but its visual candy and fun value wakes you up through exposure and heavy-handed social commentary.

The Silent Sea (2021—) A netflix series

Yes, that’s right you can now become known as the Lord of the Rings. What else do you need to know? It follows astronauts on an abandoned South Korean science fiction mystery moon mission. Their purpose: to take samples of an unknown substance for obscure purposes. Fraud, government lies and personal secrets send this habitual space travel into a tailspin.



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