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Barbaros Episode 11 Urdu Subtitles For Free

Are You looking for Barbaros Episode 11 Urdu and can\’t wait anymore for its Urdu Version. So your wait is no more Watch Barbaros Episode 11 Urdu Subtitles In Ultra HD Resolution For Free Only On TG Series. You can easily Watch it Online on our website without ads and at the best Translation with HD Quality Of Video. Below You Can Watch The Full Episode 11 Of Barbaroslar.


Barbaroslar Episode 11 Info

  • Series Name: Barbaroslar: Akdeniz\’in Kilici
  • Name In Urdu: Barbaros: بحیرہ روم کی تلوار
  • Language: Turkish (Urdu Subtitled)
  • Release Date: 02-December-2021
  • Publication Of : TRT 1

Barbaros Episode 11 Urdu Subtitles

The story of 4 sailor brothers who ensure Ottoman supremacy in the Mediterranean; Hayreddin Barbarossa, Oruc Reis, Ishak, and Ilyas. Barbaros Hayreddin Pasha (1478; Lesbos – July 4, 1546; Istanbul), one of the famous Turkish sailors in the history of the Ottoman Empire, the first captain pasha, and the captain of the Ottoman Empire as a sea captain. It consolidated Ottoman dominance in the Mediterranean, so much so that this sea was referred to as a \”Turkish Lake\” by some historians. He regulated the maritime policy of the Ottoman Empire and the Tersane-i Amire. Barbaros Hayreddin Pasha died on July 4, 1546, in Istanbul and was buried in his tomb in Beşiktaş.

Watch Barbaros Episode 11 Urdu Subtitles

قسط اپلوڈ کر دی گئی ہے۔۔۔

Barbaros Episode 11 Urdu Subtitles TG Series

In Barbaros Episode 11 Urdu Subtitles, Pietro, the commander of Kalymnos, who took action on the orders of the Pope, set out to take Abu Muhammad and the secret book to Rome. Pietro, who set out with a very crowded military navy, came face to face with Baba Oruç and his levents on the island of Kerpe, and the collision was inevitable.

In Barbaros Episode 11 Urdu MakkiTV, Baba Oruç and the levents, who were insufficient in number, prevented Pietro from going to Rome with the book and Ebu Muhammed, with the support of Burak Reis, and saved both the secret book and Ebu Muhammed from Pietro. What kind of surprise awaits Oruç and Hızır, who arrive in Alexandria, which will be the scene of great changes, with their victory? Who will be the person who will bring a new order and push the braves hard?

In Barbaros Episode 11 Urdu HistoricSeries, How will Oruç and Hızır, who were victorious with the direct help of the Ottomans, be greeted by the Mamluk commanders? In addition, Despina, who learned that Yorgo was killed by Isaac, accused Isabel of telling her father\’s location and fell from the stairs in the struggle between them. What is the great disaster that will befall Despina?

In Barbaros Episode 11 Urdu Vidtower, Isaac had avenged his family by killing Yorgo, but will he be aware of the dangers that await him? In addition to all these, will the obstacles between Hızır and the secret be removed, who recaptured the book? What will be the new move of Unita, which continues its relentless struggle to dominate the entire Mediterranean, against Muslims? How will Isabel, who is fighting to save her brother, help Oruç, who is in a common struggle against Unita?

Barbaros Episode 11 Urdu Subtitles

  • Barbaroslar Episode 11 Urdu Subtitles
  • Barbaros Episode 11 Urdu Subtitles
  • Barbarossa Episode 11 Urdu Subtitles
  • Barbaroslar Episode 11 Urdu HistoricSeries
  • Barbaros Episode 11 Urdu MakkiTV
  • Barbarossa Episode 11 Urdu Vidtower
  • Barbaros Episode 11 MakkiTV



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