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Barbaros Sword Of Mediterranean

The drama is about the rise of four brothers coming out of Lesvos, facing dangers, and becoming the conquerors of the seas; It will tell the adventure of Sipahi Yakup Ağa’s four sons, İshak, Oruç, Hızır, and İlyas, to turn into Barbaros brothers.

Ever heard of Muslim pirates? The Barbarous brothers (Barbaroslers) were notorious Muslim sailor warriors who attempted to wrest Turkish dominance from the Ottomans in the Mediterranean, Europe, and North African coastal areas.

The central two brothers were known as Oruç Reis and his legendary younger admiral brother Barbaros Hayreddin Hizir Reis, who not only built a reputation throughout Europe as the most feared Muslim pirates through their spectacular naval conquests but One of the greatest naval commanders and Islamic heroes in history. and naval battles. He defeated the combined European forces at the Battle of Pryza and paved the way for Ottoman dominance in the Mediterranean.

The show revolves around the lives of 4 Barbarous brothers, Oruç, Hizir, Ilyas, and Ishaak as they fight their enemies, conquer lands, establish their just rule, and spread the flag of Islam across the seas in a great sea voyage. Let’s start the adventure.

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Barbaros Episode 1 Season 1 Overview:

The sons of the conqueror of Mytilene Yakup Ağa, İshak, Oruç, Hızır, and İlyas, were separated after the death of their father. Oruç and İlyas sailed to the seas despite the opposition of the İshak Aghas. İshak is very happy that Hızır is in his hometown of Lesbos, but Hızır also has in mind the great and sacred “secret” that he pursued with the bookstore Master Süleyman. However, they are not the only seekers of this sacred secret. Pietro, who can do any evil for this cause, does not sit idly by.

In Barbaros Episode 1 English, Baba Oruç and İlyas are attacked on the ship they are guarding. After this attack, Oruç and İlyas make a new enemy: Antuan! Even before Baba Oruç and İlyas return to Alexandria, bad news falls like a bomb on the inn of Unita, founded by Venetian sea merchants. Anthony; is a fierce enemy with no moral value. Although Isabel, the daughter of Sylvio, is responsible for Unita’s.

Alexandria In Barbaros Episode 1 English OsmanOnline, is worried about Baba Oruç and İlyas, it has now happened. While Despina, the wife of Baba Oruç, is waiting for new excitement, the enemy Antuan will attack from an unexpected place and shoot his brothers from their homes. Will Khidr be successful by taking the trust on the secret path? Will he be able to get rid of the fasting plot together with his brother İlyas?

Barbaros Episode 1 English Subtitles

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