Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder 2022 Review

Finding software that allows you to record your screen while on a budget isn’t always easy. If you have a Mac, you can use QuickTime Player’s screen recording feature.

But it doesn’t include any system audio, nor can you simultaneously record from your webcam or microphone. And it’s not good for people who need one. Free screen recorder For Windows.

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder (opens in new tab) – a name that literally does what it says on the tin – giving everyone, everywhere, the ability to capture their screens right from their browser.

When we Last reviewed. tool, we awarded it 4 stars, calling it, “a feature-packed screen recorder with no time limits or ugly watermarks, made even more exceptional by the fact that it runs in your web browser.” Is.”

But how much has changed since then?

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder: Setup and Interface

A screenshot of Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder in action.

The web interface is very simple: click the big red button… and get ready to tinker with lots of privileges and security settings. (Image credit: Apowersoft)
  • Sounds promising, but gets frustrating very quickly trying to make it work.

You can access Apowersoft’s screen recording facilities in two ways. The most common is directly through your browser. There’s also an optional software download, which we’ll explore later in this review.

There’s really no interface to speak of. Just a big ‘start recording’ button. Sadly, the whole process is not that simple. You need to allow your browser to record screen, access your webcamYour Microphoneeven system sounds (including any audio coming out of the video).

There are a lot of hoops to jump through. And this is where, depending on your computer and the browser chosen, you may run into problems.

When we did the test. Screen recorderwe found using Safari The Mac was practically a lost cause. First, the operating system prevents system audio from being captured by any browser. It’s not something you can prevent, and Apowersoft even recommends using their software instead if audio is important to you.

But we couldn’t get screen recording to work either. We enabled Safari in the privacy settings of System Preferences, and restarted the browser, to no avail. It just won’t work.

A screenshot of Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder in action.

Unfortunately, Macs won’t allow web pages to record system audio. That particular issue is not Apowersoft’s fault. (Image credit: Apowersoft)

Then we tried to use the same. Firefox. Now, we know system audio won’t work there either, but if we can record the screen with a webcam and microphone, that would be a start.

The good news is that we can record the screen. However, usually when a web page requires access to your webcam, a request appears in Firefox’s privacy and security settings, where it can be granted. But not in this case. So, we couldn’t ‘approve’ the free screen recorder because apparently no request was made, even though we did. It can be crazy.

Believing that this might be an issue with Firefox on Mac, we tried the same browser on PC.

A screenshot of Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder in action.

Even on other browsers, we were informed that the webcam could not be accessed despite granting permission (Image credit: Apowersoft)

On the PC, we were able to record system audio – this is the same principle that requests access to your webcam, mentioned above. And just like before, despite the access request, no request appeared in the browser’s privacy and security settings. It just didn’t work.

Finally, we tried using screen recording software on the PC. Google Chrome. Here, we were able to get system audio working. But the webcam steadfastly refused to be recognized – just like with Firefox, on Mac or PC. Although our browser told us that webcam access was enabled, the page insisted that it was not.

Whatever’s going on, it’s definitely not user-friendly.

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder: Recording

A screenshot of Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder in action.

When it records, it records well, and appears as a preview before you can download it to your computer. (Image credit: Apowersoft)
  • When it works, it records well, but the file format causes headaches.

Once we were able to get some of the options up and running, everything went well.

You have to decide if you want to record the entire screen, or just focus on one of your currently open windows. it’s awesome. You’re given a 3-second timer, and the page starts recording the part of your interface you’ve chosen.

When you’re done screen capturing, stop the recording and it will appear on the page, ready to play it back.

there is not Video editing Available to you. Saving the file downloads it to your computer. You also have the option to upload it to your Apowersoft account, although you will need to log in for that.

The resulting file caused us some trouble, though. Most computer users rely on their operating system to read the files they send. Few people will go out of their way to add extra functionality to their device, and perhaps more so for Mac users.

Except here, they have to: The free online screen recorder saves your clip as a .webm file that Macs can’t read natively.

Yes, you can download for free. VLC reader, and run it back from there. And yes, you can use the best free ones too. Handbrakea Free Video Converter which lets you change the format more everywhere – .mp4.

But the question remains: Why can’t Apowersoft save your video as the universally recognized .mp4 by default?

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder: Screen Recorder App

A screenshot of Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder in action.

The software-based alternative works much better than the online version – although it also requires a few hoops to work properly. (Image credit: Apowersoft)
  • Works fine after a bit of coaxing, but the free option has great limitations.

So, Online Screen Recorder is interesting, shows potential, but has a lot of issues – at least when we tried it ourselves – on different systems and browsers.

But that’s okay, because Apowersoft offers free software. ApowerREC. When we reviewed the product back in 2018, we praised it as “an impressive screen recorder – easy to use, but highly customizable if you choose to explore its settings.” of

The latest version fixed the issues in the online edition. This enabled Mac users to finally record their system audio.

But with two important caveats.

It was an experiment to get him to work. We had to download an extension for it to recognize the sound of this excited system – only, it didn’t work, either the first or the second time we tried: install, restart, no joy. .

On our third try, we launched the installer but didn’t proceed with the installation, and instead just restarted the app once more. For some reason, it worked.

Exploring the screen recorder app, we found that the webcam was working, the system audio and microphone were ready, the screen was recording.

A screenshot of Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder in action.

All recorded files are saved as .mp4, unlike the online version which saves them as .webm. (Image credit: Apowersoft)

And then we realized that it was actually a trial version. It records only one minute of footage, and discards the rest.

Yet during that minute, everything worked as we expected. On that score, we have mixed feelings here.

If you need to record longer videos, you’ll need to join a subscription plan or opt for a lifetime license, which includes ongoing free updates and technical support. Monthly subscriptions are $19.95, annual subscriptions are $39.95, and lifetime licenses cost $69.95.

On the plus side, this software saves footage as .mp4 (so why can’t the online version?). This makes it easy to import into other apps for editing or just clipping. As with Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder, we couldn’t find any editing features on ApowerREC.

  • Screen Recorder App: 2.5/5

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder: Scorecard

Setup and Interface Looks good, but poor in operation 1
Recording Works well, has disappointing file format support. 2.5
Screen recorder app Better than online, but requires a subscription or lifetime license. 2.5

should i try

Screenshot of Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder homepage

(Image credit: Apowersoft)

Try it if…

Do not try if…


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