ACDSee Luxea Video Editor Review

Free video editing software can be a mixed bag. The tools are often insanely simple. Others see more advanced – read: useful – features locked behind subscription packages.

ACDSee’s Luxea Video Editor caters to this trend. It is completely outstanding. Free video editing software (opens in new tab) Packed with tons of professional tools for Windows available for both free users and paid subscribers.

ACDSee Luxea Video Editor: Pricing

  • Free, with optional subscription or lifetime license

Luxea is a free downloadable video editor – no watermarks, no lock features, you don’t even need to sign up until it’s time to export your footage. However, the catch is that your exported videos will feature a branded intro and outro.

To remove this, you can choose to purchase an annual subscription ($29.99 / £26.99) or a lifetime license ($79.99 / £69.99).

Like Adobe Creative cloud (opens in new tab) In addition to the All Apps plan, ACDSee also offers a Home plan ($89 / £77.99 a year), bundling the software with it. Photo editors (opens in new tab) For Windows and Mac, 100GB of cloud storage, and a Video Converter (opens in new tab).

ACDSee Luxea Video Editor: Interface and Experience

Interface for using Luxea

(Image credit: ACDSee)
  • Easy to use, easy to navigate

A traditional interface greets you when you launch Luxea. At the bottom of the screen, a timeline, with the viewer at the top. On the left, you’ll find a selection of tools. Everything is within easy reach, making navigation a breeze – even if you’ve never used a video editor before.

Using Luxea is as simple as that. Trimming clips is a matter of dragging each end of the clip to the correct position. Most other operations are accomplished by dragging and dropping the selected tool onto the timeline (or onto clips you’ve placed on the timeline). At this point, colored boxes highlight where tools can be dropped for added ease of use. More in-depth operations can be done through the context menu.

Overall, our testing revealed a modification program that is more advanced than it should be. Canva video (opens in new tab) or Adobe Express Video Editor (opens in new tab); Less complicated than Hollywood standards Adobe Premiere Pro (opens in new tab) or The Da Vinci Solution (opens in new tab).

  • Interface and Experience: 4/5

ACDSee Luxea Video Editor: Editing

Editing process in ACDSee Luxea Video Editor

(Image credit: ACDSee)
  • Classic editing, just done.

When it comes to modifications, Lexus doesn’t reinvent the wheel. If you’re broadly familiar with the editing process, you’ll be right at home here. And if you’re new to art, it’s relatively easy to get started.

All the editing basics are present and correct, resting on top of the timeline – and we were pleased to find that the video editor offers extensive keyboard shortcuts for a more efficient workflow.

After importing your media, drag and drop it onto the timeline. Everything falls into place, as it should. However, we stumbled upon a minor bugbear during the setup phase. We haven’t found a way to import directly from ours Cloud storage (opens in new tab); You will need to map your storage app to your desktop.

After opening in the viewer, you have the option to resize and rearrange the media. Useful if you want picture-in-picture mode, or to draw attention to other parts of the screen. And resizing any image is just as easy. Drawing software (opens in new tab).

Right-clicking clips gives you a handful of options, such as separating audio tracks from video tracks, or removing sound entirely.

But for more control of your output, open the Properties panel. Here, you can change the blend mode (if you’re familiar with it). Adobe Photoshop (opens in new tab)you’ll be right at home), rotate clips, fix opacity, or any of the so-called behaviors associated with clips.

It might not be advanced enough for pro power users, but Luxea has most of the tools most editors need.

ACDSee Luxea Video Editor: Tools and VFX

Using different tools in Lexia

(Image credit: ACDSee)
  • A complete toolkit for users

The toolkit, located on the left side of the screen, is – at first glance – deceptively small. But click on each one and you’ll find the corresponding tools for adding text, narration and filters to your footage. Fine-tuning effects are within the Properties panel.

You are also offered a voice control element. Laxia is not fully prepared. Audio editor (opens in new tab)but after adding a track to the timeline, right-click to adjust the clip’s speed and add audio points to adjust the volume during specific parts of your video.

But these are par for the course editing tools. Although best handled in lexia, in most cases they are given.

And this is where Luxea offers some delicious treats.

For starters, ACDSee offers content packs. These are free, downloadable libraries. Stock photos (opens in new tab) And royalty free Sound effects (opens in new tab)Events and themed around topics such as ‘wedding’, ‘holiday’, and ‘business’.

ACDSee Luxea Video Editor's built-in screen recorder

(Image credit: ACDSee)

Then there is always. Free screen recorder (opens in new tab), which is also downloaded as a standalone app on the desktop. In the top left corner of Luxia is a record button. Hitting this opens a smart dialog box to select which part of the screen to capture.

Luxea also includes a handful. VFX software (opens in new tab) Tools – including green screen. Under Advanced Effects, you will find Chroma Key, Color LUTs, Clip Speed, Color Pass, Replace Color.

Once added to your clip, these, too, can be adjusted via the Properties panel. For example, when replacing one color with another, you’re free to select the target and alternate colors via a simple drop-down menu or use the color picker to get an exact match to your footage. .

Limited VFX options in ACDSee Luxea Video Editor

(Image credit: ACDSee)

This is another example of ACDSee taking a relatively high-level task and making it ridiculously easy. its not possible After effects (opens in new tab)Surface special effects, but it’s a welcome addition to a free video editor.

But when Laksya presents one of them. Best Alternatives to Adobe Premiere Pro (opens in new tab) It doesn’t offer the powerful, granular control of Adobe’s video editing program.

In that respect, it is equal to that Premier Elements (opens in new tab): A video editor for users, users. and small businesses that want to add serious professional polish to their content. It also has some extra love of late, adding extra color LUTs, captioning, and more.

ACDSee Luxea Video Editor: Exporting

ACDSee Luxea Video Editor Export Options

(Image credit: ACDSee)
  • Prepare for social, specific devices.

To turn your edit into a full video, hit Produce and Share. This is where you’ll actually need to sign up for a free ACDSee account, or upgrade to a subscription plan. And we liked it enough that we didn’t have to hand over any personal information (or payment cards) until then.

Luxea exports files as MP4, Mov, M4V, WebM, GIF, and MP3. Not a huge list, but you have the option to adjust the resolution and frame rate of the video.

To speed up the process, there are default export options: Normal, Enhanced, and Best.

If you’re creating content to be viewed on a specific device, you can select a pre-made template from the list of devices. You are also free to create your own templates for next time. Finally, you can instantly share your work on YouTube and Vimeo.

When it comes to production, free video editing software isn’t very fast, but even when we tried to make a short video on an average-spec laptop, the machine wasn’t pushed to its limits.

ACDSee Luxea Video Editor: Scorecard

Pricing A free and lifetime license is available with a subscription plan. 4
Interface and experience Easy to use, easy to navigate Navi 8 4
Editing Traditional non-linear editing software 4
Tools and VFX Features most of the tools most editors will need, limited VFX 4
export It’s easy to create for specific devices or share on YouTube. 4

Should I buy?

ACDSee Luxea Home Page

(Image credit: ACDSee)

Buy it if…

Don’t buy it if…


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